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@@ -48,6 +48,12 @@ MENU HIDDEN
All that is displayed is a timeout message.
+ Exit the menu system immediately unless either the Shift or Alt
+ key is pressed, or Caps Lock or Scroll Lock is set.
Insert an empty line in the menu.
@@ -269,6 +275,23 @@ DEFAULT label
non-label. The menu system does not support that.
+ Remember the last entry selected and make that the default for
+ the next boot. A password-protected menu entry is *not*
+ saved. This requires the ADV data storage mechanism, which is
+ currently only implemented for EXTLINUX, although the other
+ Syslinux derivatives will accept the command (and ignore it.)
+ NOTE: MENU SAVE stores the LABEL tag of the selected entry;
+ this mechanism therefore relies on LABEL tags being unique.
+ On the other hand, it handles changes in the configuration
+ file gracefully.
+ The MENU SAVE information can be cleared with
+ "extlinux --reset-adv".
INCLUDE filename [tagname]
MENU INCLUDE filename [tagname]