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Changes in 2.00:
* ALL: Add support for "COM32" (32-bit COMBOOT) images.
* ALL: Add an API for COMBOOT/COM32 images. See comboot.doc
- for details.
+ for details. There is a C development environment for
+ COM32 being created; it should be ready at some point in
+ the future.
* Fix mbr.asm so that it actually works.
* SYSLINUX: The syslinux installer *SHOULD* now be safe to
run setuid root.
* PXELINUX: Fix bug where PXELINUX would override random
chunks of the UNDI code segment! Thanks to Kevin Tran for
finding this bug.
+ * ISOLINUX: Fix a bug related to slashes in pathnames.
+ * ALL: Make the <Ctrl-V> key print out the version; this is
+ to help debugging.
Changes in 1.76:
* ISOLINUX: Remove code no longer used which caused hangs on