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+Starting with 1.47, changes marked with SYSLINUX/PXELINUX apply to
+that specific program only; other changes apply to both.
+Changes in 1.49:
+ * SYSLINUX: Implement a hack for BIOS drivers which hog significant
+ chunks of low memory during boot. (Note: PXELINUX already
+ had this modification. SYSLINUX does still require that the
+ low 512K is available; PXELINUX requires 384K. Machines
+ with a physical memory hole in the low 640K cannot boot
+ Linux no matter what.)
Changes in 1.48:
* PXELINUX: Workaround for PXE ROMs based on the Intel PXE PDK
3.0 build 071 and earlier: missing !PXE structure pointer.