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on the complexity.)
* EXTLINUX: New derivative, which boots from an ext2/ext3
+ * SYSLINUX: The DOS installer can now optionally write the
+ boot sector to a file instead of the real boot sector. This
+ is currently not supported in any of the other installers,
+ but should be added to the Win32 installer at some point.
Changes in 2.13:
* MEMDISK: Fix command-line parsing "brown paper bag" class
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+EXTLINUX is a new syslinux derivative, which boots from a Linux
+ext2/ext3 filesystem.
+It works the same way as SYSLINUX, with a few slight modifications.
+1. The installer is run on a *mounted* filesystem. Run the extlinux
+ installer on the directory in which you want extlinux installed:
+ extlinux /boot
+ NOTE: this doesn't have to be the root directory of a filesystem.
+ If /boot is a filesystem, you can do:
+ mkdir -p /boot/extlinux
+ extlinux /boot/extlinux
+ ... to create a subdirectory and install extlinux in it.
+2. The configuration file is called "extlinux.conf", and is expected
+ to be found in the same directory as extlinux is installed in.
+3. Pathnames can be absolute or relative; if absolute (with a leading
+ slash), they are relative to the root of the filesystem on which
+ extlinux is installed (/boot in the example above), if relative,
+ they are relative to the extlinux directory.
+ extlinux supports subdirectories, but the total path length is
+ limited to 255 characters.