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@@ -8,6 +8,11 @@ Changes in 1.49:
low 512K is available; PXELINUX requires 384K. Machines
with a physical memory hole in the low 640K cannot boot
Linux no matter what.)
+ * SYSLINUX: Default installer binary now compiled against
+ glibc 2.1. If this is inappropriate for your system and you
+ still want to use the offical version of SYSLINUX, please
+ follow the instructions in "distrib.doc" to rebuild the
+ installer.
Changes in 1.48:
* PXELINUX: Workaround for PXE ROMs based on the Intel PXE PDK
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- Support initrd that span multiple input media?
- Support a small set of DOS system calls for COMBOOT images? (Serial
console support makes this particularly desirable.)
+- PXELINUX still needs work.