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+In general gPXE files are licensed under the GPL. GPLed files are in
+general either from Linux or have been explicitly put under GPL by the
+authors. The license for a file is usually documented at the top of
+the file.
+A few files are inherited from FreeBSD netboot and therefore can be
+used under BSD or GPL. Documented in this file are some of the
+non-GPL'ed files. If the internal documentation for a file disagrees
+with what is documented in this file, the internal documentation for
+the file shall be override this file.
+File Copyright status
+src/core/misc.c BSD
+src/drivers/net/3c509.c BSD
+src/drivers/net/3c509.h BSD
+src/drivers/net/3c595.c BSD
+src/drivers/net/3c595.h BSD
+src/drivers/net/3c90x.c Open Source
+src/drivers/net/epic100.c None
+src/drivers/net/epic100.h None
+src/drivers/net/ns8390.c BSD
+src/drivers/net/ns8390.h BSD
+src/arch/i386/include/bits/string.h None