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Add comboot interface to access the keyboard remapping table
Add a comboot interface to access the keyboard remapping table, which can be used for either querying or changing the keyboard map.
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@@ -908,3 +908,16 @@ AX=001Dh [3.60] Write auxilliary data vector
In a future version, PXELINUX may end up attempting to save
the ADV on the server via TFTP write.
+AX=001Eh [3.74] Keyboard remapping table
+ Input: AX 001Eh
+ DX 0000h - all other values reserved
+ Output: AX format version (1)
+ CX length in bytes (256)
+ ES:BX pointer to keyboard table
+ This call queries the keyboard remapping table. For the current
+ version, the format code is always 1 and the length is always
+ 256. This version can be updated simply by overwriting the version
+ in memory; this may not be true in the future.