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-See the following files for documentation about SYSLINUX:
+See the files in the doc directory for documentation about SYSLINUX:
syslinux.doc - Usage instructions; manual.
distrib.doc - For creators of Linux distributions.
pxelinux.doc - Documentation specific to PXELINUX.
isolinux.doc - Documentation specific to ISOLINUX.
extlinux.doc - Documentation specific to EXTLINUX.
- README.menu - About the menu systems.
- README.usbkey - About using SYSLINUX on USB keys.
+ menu.doc - About the menu systems.
+ usbkey.doc - About using SYSLINUX on USB keys.
comboot.doc - About the extension API.
- memdisk/memdisk.doc - Documentation about MEMDISK.
+ memdisk.doc - Documentation about MEMDISK.
+Also see the files:
NEWS - List of changes from previous releases.
TODO - About features planned for future releases.
COPYING - For the license terms of this software.
SYSLINUX now builds in a Linux environment, using nasm. You need nasm
-version 0.98.38 or later to build SYSLINUX from source. See
+version 0.98.39 or later to build SYSLINUX from source. See
http://nasm.sf.net/ for information about nasm.
There is now a mailing list for SYSLINUX. See the end of syslinux.doc