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NEWS: update for 3.85 release
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@@ -3,6 +3,8 @@ or EXTLINUX apply to that specific program only; other changes apply
to all derivatives.
Changes in 3.85:
+ * gPXELINUX: updated to gPXE 1.0.0. gPXELINUX can now do NBP
+ chainloading, and does not require a second DHCP.
* vesamenu.c32: unbreak the default "grey hole" background.
* We no longer have a built-in default of "linux auto".
Instead, if no DEFAULT or UI statement is found, or the
@@ -12,7 +14,20 @@ Changes in 3.85:
PXELINUX if the configuration file is not found.)
* chain.c32: support chainloading Grub4DOS; patch by Gert
+ * New tool: sysdump.c32, can be used to produce system
+ information for debugging via tftp or ymodem (serial port).
+ * "vga=current" on the Linux command line is now supported.
+ * chain.c32: support for Windows Recovery Console, via the
+ "cmldr=" option.
+ * chain.c32: should now support loading NTLDR from different
+ type media than loaded from.
+ * chain.c32: support chainloading to a FAT/NTFS partition with
+ invalid "hidden sectors" via the "sethidden" option.
+ * memdisk: fix the mBFT ACPI table.
+ * vesamenu.c32: if the image is smaller than the screen, tile
+ it across the whole screen.
+ * mkdiskimage: -s option for producing a sparse image.
Changes in 3.84:
* SYSLINUX: make the DOS installer work for MS-DOS 7.x/8.x
(Win9x/ME) again.