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Document needed magic for the Intel PRO/100+ Management Adapter.
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@@ -69,11 +69,13 @@ doing so.
The PXE protocol uses a very complex set of extensions to DHCP or
-BOOTP, but it seems that at least existing implementations don't
-really require all of them; in fact, the only necessary option appears
-to be the dhcp-class-identifier "PXEClient".
+BOOTP. ISC dhcp 3.0, currently in beta, appears to have enough smarts
+to support at least most of the full protocol.
-Using ISC dhcpd.conf syntax:
+However, I believe I have found a magic cookie set of options which is
+adequate to make all or most existing PXE client boot.
+Using ISC dhcp 2.0 dhcpd.conf syntax:
@@ -81,8 +83,10 @@ configuration:
allow bootp;
filename "/tftpboot/pxelinux.bin" ;
- next-server <TFTP server>;
option dhcp-class-identifier "PXEClient";
+ option vendor-encapsulated-options 09:0f:80:00:0c:4e:65:74:77:6f:72:6b:20:62:6f:6f:74:0a:07:00:50:72:6f:6d:70:74:06:01:02:08:03:80:00:00:47:04:80:00:00:00:ff;
+ next-server <TFTP-server>;
+ # server-identifier <TFTP-server>; # Illegal! See below
option domain-name "<domain name>";
option subnet-mask <subnet mask>;
@@ -95,21 +99,28 @@ configuration:
fixed-address <hostname>;
-The configuration above works even if the DHCP and TFTP servers are
-not the same machine.
+If the DHCP and TFTP servers are not on the same machine, you are
+supposed to set up a DHCP server on port 4011 on the TFTP server; this
+is the "PXE boot server", which uses the DHCP protocol. If this is
+not possible, you can try adding the directive "server-identifier
+<TFTP-server>;" Unfortunately this is a violation of DHCP
+protocol, but some PXE implementations do not accept the next-server
+directive without it or the "boot server".
Note that if your particular TFTP daemon runs under chroot, it may be
that the filename parameter should not include the /tftpboot prefix.
I have successfully booted an Intel N440BX ("Nightshade") motherboard
with onboard Ethernet and "Intel LANDesk(R) Service Agent II version
-0.99c", using ISC dhcpd 2.0.
-Unfortunately, this particular version of Intel LANDesk Service Agent
-II seems to have a rather serious bug : it requests the TFTP "blksize"
-option, but will be mortally confused if this option is actually
-accepted! There are two possible workarounds for this bug:
+0.99c" (derived from the Intel PXE PDK 1.0) and the Intel PRO/100+
+Management Adapter "Boot agent 2.6 (build 071)" (derived from the
+Intel PXE PDK V3.0 bld 071) using the configuration above and ISC
+dhcpd 2.0.
+Unfortunately, the Intel LANDesk Service Agent II prior to version
+0.99h seems to have a rather serious bug : it requests the TFTP
+"blksize" option, but will be mortally confused if this option is
+actually accepted! There are two possible workarounds for this bug:
1. Use a TFTP server with doesn't support "blksize".