path: root/memdisk/msetup.c
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* Correct the computation of the various termssyslinux-1.65-pre11hpa2001-12-141-7/+7
* Make the memory configuration calls actually work properly, especiallysyslinux-1.65-pre6hpa2001-12-121-18/+0
* Checkpoint: add printf() for debugging, remove query of E881 (seemshpa2001-12-111-36/+31
* Yet another snapshot. Now we can actually compile the sucker...hpa2001-12-101-157/+0
* More work at patching and setup; load the boot sector when donehpa2001-12-091-11/+46
* Snapshot the work.hpa2001-12-091-0/+122
* Initial work for the in-memory disk emulatorhpa2001-12-091-0/+183