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* Add filesystem UUID to SYSAPPEND for FATSerj Kalichev2014-03-132-0/+33
* Debug prints to core/fs/fs.c and core/fs/fat.c have been added.Chandramouli Narayanan2012-09-041-1/+2
* Merge branch 'master' into elflinkMatt Fleming2012-07-191-16/+19
| * fat: Make mangle behavior similar to the standard oneH. Peter Anvin2012-06-291-16/+19
* | fs: Add .copy_super to struct fs_opsMatt Fleming2012-06-201-1/+2
* | elflink: Fix boot sector bootingMatt Fleming2012-06-071-0/+28
* | core: Fix ldlinux.c32 failing to load when not installed in "/"Matt Fleming2011-07-121-0/+1
* | core: change load_config() to open_config()H. Peter Anvin2011-05-271-1/+1
* vfat: Fix mangling of directory names starting with ..Rich Mahn2011-04-041-2/+4
* core/fs/fat/fat.c: remove variables set but not usedH. Peter Anvin2011-03-161-4/+2
* fat: handle .. pointing back to the root directoryH. Peter Anvin2010-06-131-9/+27
* loadconfig: fold FAT pathname search into generic_load_configH. Peter Anvin2010-06-091-35/+1
* Unify instances of integer log2H. Peter Anvin2010-06-091-7/+2
* Make syslinux installer real "pathbased"Alek Du2010-06-091-1/+1
* FAT: need to track the current position past discontinuitiessyslinux-4.00-pre44H. Peter Anvin2010-05-131-25/+14
* fat: fix confusion between byte and sector countsH. Peter Anvin2010-05-131-10/+11
* fat: fix the type of get_inode_mode()H. Peter Anvin2010-03-091-6/+2
* fs: get rid of enum inode_modeH. Peter Anvin2010-03-091-3/+3
* core/fs: clean up, fix and improve the internal readdir() interfacesH. Peter Anvin2010-03-061-29/+21
* fat: fixing filenames with multiple-of-13 names broke all otherssyslinux-4.00-pre34H. Peter Anvin2010-03-051-11/+9
* VFAT: handle filenames with are exact multiples of 13H. Peter Anvin2010-03-051-4/+11
* fat: fix longname matchingH. Peter Anvin2010-03-041-2/+2
* core: fs: get rid of the prev_extent memberH. Peter Anvin2010-02-281-8/+8
* core: remove unmangle_nameH. Peter Anvin2010-02-281-1/+0
* fat: use generic_getfssec(), fix generic_getfssec(), add dprintfH. Peter Anvin2010-02-262-84/+74
* core: fix double free of pathbuf, constify iget filename, fix iso9660H. Peter Anvin2010-02-241-3/+3
* fs: move cache_init() into fs_init, to handle special needsH. Peter Anvin2010-02-161-2/+4
* cache: update the metadata cache designH. Peter Anvin2010-02-161-25/+22
* fs: reference-count inodes, fix generic loadconfigH. Peter Anvin2010-02-151-10/+1
* fs: move to a chdir()-based mechanism for managing cwdsyslinux-4.00-pre19H. Peter Anvin2010-02-131-34/+21
* fs: fix cwd setting for FAT/iso9660/extfssyslinux-4.00-pre18H. Peter Anvin2010-02-101-1/+0
* pathbased: Add FAT support to extlinux and let FAT be "true" pathbasedAlek Du2010-02-101-92/+102
* FAT: handle WinNT filename case flagsH. Peter Anvin2010-02-042-11/+17
* FAT: cache file position, re-enable codepagesH. Peter Anvin2010-02-042-97/+189
* FAT: For FAT32, the root directory is a cluster chainsyslinux-4.00-pre15H. Peter Anvin2010-02-011-7/+13
* FAT: remove debugging printfsyslinux-4.00-pre14H. Peter Anvin2010-01-311-4/+1
* FAT: fix FAT16/32 next cluster calculation, make more similar to FAT12H. Peter Anvin2010-01-311-10/+16
* FAT: fix next_sector implementationsyslinux-4.00-pre13H. Peter Anvin2010-01-311-5/+5
* core/fs: abstract filesystem, use cache for ext2 group descriptorsH. Peter Anvin2010-01-251-29/+19
* FAT: use an anonymous unionH. Peter Anvin2010-01-252-2/+2
* FAT: deal with non-mirrored FATs for FAT32H. Peter Anvin2010-01-251-0/+6
* core/fs: make it more explicit sector size is per filesystemH. Peter Anvin2010-01-252-16/+19
* FAT: Compare cluster count to total number of clustersH. Peter Anvin2010-01-252-23/+23
* FAT: handle the cluster number being 1H. Peter Anvin2010-01-251-1/+1
* FAT: clean up cluster arithmeticH. Peter Anvin2010-01-251-7/+8
* vfs: add the readdir stuff supportLiu Aleaxander2009-12-151-18/+133
* core: some cleanupsLiu Aleaxander2009-12-141-14/+16
* LDLINUX:vfat: Oh, NO, I did fix the above bug in a wrong way!Liu Aleaxander2009-12-101-4/+10
* LDLINUX:vfat: fix the bug that can't find the program even it existsLiu Aleaxander2009-12-101-0/+1
* LDLINUX:vfat: Improve the fat fs relative path searchingLiu Aleaxander2009-12-101-33/+2