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* ldlinux: Correct the attribute bit for foreground brightsyslinux-5.01Matt Fleming2013-01-251-1/+1
* ldlinux: Convert all UsingVGA uses with display_mask_vga()Matt Fleming2013-01-251-24/+35
* ldlinux: Fix serial output and delete eprintf()Matt Fleming2013-01-249-82/+44
* ldlinux: Don't update UsingVGA when we just want the valueMatt Fleming2013-01-241-8/+3
* ldlinux: Dynamically allocate cmdline buffer to avoid overflowMatt Fleming2013-01-241-5/+3
* ldlinux: Clear screen on ASCII 12 (form feed) in DISPLAY fileMatt Fleming2013-01-241-0/+8
* module: Replace cur_module with module_current()syslinux-5.01-pre4Matt Fleming2013-01-233-9/+15
* hdt: Move ~162K byte data object from the stack to the bssMatt Fleming2013-01-231-1/+1
* module: Check for NULL ctors and dtorsMatt Fleming2013-01-232-2/+2
* module: Check the return value of malloc()Matt Fleming2013-01-231-0/+8
* com32/lib: delete *.c32 on key targetGene Cumm2013-01-201-1/+1
* elf: remove long-since-obsolete shallow module machineryH. Peter Anvin2013-01-175-219/+1
* Rename libcom32gpl.c32 to libgpl.c32H. Peter Anvin2013-01-171-3/+3
* Rename libutil_com.c32 to libutil.c32H. Peter Anvin2013-01-174-7/+6
* Always strip all the modulesH. Peter Anvin2013-01-1713-24/+27
* ldlinux: Perform chdir() before parsing configsyslinux-5.01-pre3Matt Fleming2013-01-161-3/+3
* module: Check return value of malloc()Matt Fleming2013-01-161-0/+5
* ldlinux: Strip whitespace from LABEL directiveMatt Fleming2013-01-151-5/+11
* module: Allow .c32 files to execute themselvesMatt Fleming2013-01-101-14/+2
* menugen: Make it compatible with Py3kPaulo Alcantara2013-01-091-28/+28
* ldlinux: Dynamically alloc memory for kernel and initrd filenamesMatt Fleming2013-01-041-19/+45
* ldlinux: Don't delete ldlinux.c32 with 'make clean'Matt Fleming2013-01-041-4/+6
* elflink: set the sonames of shared librariesH. Peter Anvin2013-01-034-4/+4
* Delete 16-bit COMBOOT supportsyslinux-5.00Matt Fleming2012-12-065-6/+1
* Symbol export whitelistMatt Fleming2012-12-0510-13/+17
* core: Fix 'NoHalt'Matt Fleming2012-12-051-2/+2
* com32: Delete unused malloc.c and friendsMatt Fleming2012-12-054-383/+0
* Reduce the number of global variablesMatt Fleming2012-12-052-49/+1
* Revert "menu: Inherit parent menu title"Matt Fleming2012-12-041-3/+0
* ldlinux: Use get_msg_file() for F-keysMatt Fleming2012-12-041-17/+2
* ldlinux: Remove default bold attribute typoMatt Fleming2012-12-041-1/+1
* CLI: Don't always start the CLI at column 0Matt Fleming2012-12-041-3/+9
* ldlinux: Move DISPLAY file handling out of the coresyslinux-5.00-pre13Matt Fleming2012-12-032-1/+215
* stdio: Fix unhexchar() for hex digits > 9Matt Fleming2012-12-031-3/+3
* ldlinux: Don't try reloading ldlinux.c32 unless it's likely to succeedMatt Fleming2012-11-301-1/+3
* module: Fix incorrect list_entry() useMatt Fleming2012-11-301-1/+1
* CLI: Delete 'temp_cmdline' and put 'cmdline' on the stackMatt Fleming2012-11-291-17/+6
* module: Stop silently failing to load dependency modulessyslinux-5.00-pre12Matt Fleming2012-11-291-1/+11
* ldlinux: Complain to user on failure to perform file operationsMatt Fleming2012-11-293-4/+4
* module: Append '/' to PATH strings if missingMatt Fleming2012-11-291-0/+4
* ldlinux: Only append missing filename extensionsMatt Fleming2012-11-291-3/+6
* Merge branch 'coverity' into elflinksyslinux-5.00-pre11Matt Fleming2012-11-278-22/+26
| * module: Fix off-by-one error in findpath()Matt Fleming2012-11-271-2/+2
| * module: Fix memory leak in spawn_load()Matt Fleming2012-11-271-10/+12
| * screensize: Dereference pointers when checking cols/rowsMatt Fleming2012-11-271-1/+1
| * hdt-cli: Correct malloc() size argumentMatt Fleming2012-11-271-1/+1
| * chainboot: Delete extraneous free() in chainboot_file()Matt Fleming2012-11-151-3/+1
| * vesa: Fix double close() bug in vesacon_load_background()Matt Fleming2012-11-151-1/+0
| * asprintf: Ensure we always call va_end(ap)Matt Fleming2012-11-151-2/+3
| * bufprintf: Add va_end() for our va_copy()Matt Fleming2012-11-151-2/+6