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* Makefiles: create NASMOPT variableH. Peter Anvin2007-10-101-1/+2
* Fix building on a 64-bit system without a 32-bit system installedsyslinux-3.52-pre10syslinux-3.52H. Peter Anvin2007-09-241-2/+0
* Add header file missing from previous checkin (md5.h)H. Peter Anvin2007-07-241-0/+46
* Add support for Unix-standard MD5 passwordH. Peter Anvin2007-07-245-1/+557
* Don't clobber /dev/null when compiling as rootLuciano Rocha2007-05-251-2/+4
* Move <syslinux.h> to <syslinux/idle.h>; clean up libutil do_idle()H. Peter Anvin2007-03-203-55/+15
* Library functions for manipulating initramfsH. Peter Anvin2007-03-153-83/+1
* Move the loadfile() routine into the syslinux/ namespace, and use it.syslinux-3.40-pre13H. Peter Anvin2007-03-143-2/+2
* Wrapper infrastructure for "shuffle and boot"H. Peter Anvin2007-03-122-480/+0
* Fix -fno-stack-protector per bug report from Gilles Espinassesyslinux-3.36-pre9H. Peter Anvin2007-02-081-1/+1
* Deal with various distributions breaking gcc in weird waysH. Peter Anvin2007-02-061-1/+1
* Remove more CVS-era $Id$ tags.H. Peter Anvin2006-08-171-1/+0
* Remove CVS-era $Id$ tags.H. Peter Anvin2006-08-1711-11/+0
* Across-the-board stealth whitespace cleanupH. Peter Anvin2006-05-0314-68/+54
* Define CLK_TCK globallyH. Peter Anvin2006-03-121-0/+5
* The 62nd character in base64 is +, not .syslinux-3.20-pre3H. Peter Anvin2005-10-031-1/+2
* Beginnings of a file-moving APIhpa2005-09-255-1/+567
* Correct the enabling of the 16550A FIFOsyslinux-3.11-pre10hpa2005-08-301-4/+9
* Add password support to simple menu systemsyslinux-3.08-pre4hpa2005-01-212-7/+8
* More work on password support for the menu systems. Make the base64hpa2005-01-215-5/+127
* SHA-1 support in libutil; beginnings of menu passwd supporthpa2005-01-202-0/+324
* Move idle function into libcom32; libutil function is now just a wrapper.hpa2005-01-204-1/+97
* More navigation keyshpa2005-01-041-0/+4
* Build native (not necessarily i386) binarieshpa2005-01-041-5/+5
* Support timeout in the menusyslinux-2.20-pre12hpa2004-12-212-10/+17
* More work on menu module. Looks like the file libc isn't quite therehpa2004-12-211-1/+1
* Add code to edit the command line in the simple menuhpa2004-12-211-0/+6
* Initial work on simple menu system; add <minmax.h> to libutilhpa2004-12-201-0/+44
* Actually get things working with nonblocking raw console read;hpa2004-12-202-5/+12
* Make the raw input console non-blocking with a timeout, allows handlinghpa2004-12-202-5/+16
* Compile with regparm turned on.syslinux-2.20-pre2hpa2004-12-161-1/+1
* Make "make install" do the right thing for the com32 libraryhpa2004-12-141-0/+11
* Update copyright headers.hpa2004-12-141-6/+21
* Use extended keyboard interface, properly this timesyslinux-2.12-pre5hpa2004-12-011-2/+2
* Library to decode console codes; demo programhpa2004-12-015-8/+219
* Utility library which can be compiled either for Linux or for COM32hpa2004-12-014-0/+312