path: root/com32/lib/syslinux/shuffle.c
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* Fix all warnings, and better separate code that should not be mixedsyslinux-6.04-pre3H. Peter Anvin (Intel)2019-02-071-5/+5
* Merge branch 'nocomapi'syslinux-6.03-pre7H. Peter Anvin2014-03-031-8/+3
| * comapi: Remove the comapi interfaces completelyH. Peter Anvin2014-02-131-1/+1
| * bios: Remove shuffle and boot comapi callH. Peter Anvin2014-02-131-8/+3
* | shuffler: Actually get the shuffler size sanelysyslinux-6.03-pre4H. Peter Anvin2014-02-271-12/+7
* Merge tag 'syslinux-5.10-pre2' into for-hpa/elflink/firmwareMatt Fleming2013-03-221-2/+2
| * shuffle: syslinux_dump_movelist() only takes 1 argumentMatt Fleming2013-02-261-2/+2
* | Merge remote-tracking branch 'mfleming/elflink' into for-hpa/elflink/firmwareMatt Fleming2012-07-301-23/+4
| * elflink: Replace __intcall() with direct function callsMatt Fleming2012-07-201-6/+3
| * lib/shuffle: use <dprintf.h>H. Peter Anvin2012-05-181-17/+1
* | com32: Remove __constructor tag from __syslinux_get_shuffer_size()Matt Fleming2012-02-021-5/+8
* com32/lib/syslinux/shuffle.c: remove variables set but not usedH. Peter Anvin2011-03-161-5/+7
* Run Nindent on com32/lib/syslinux/shuffle.cH. Peter Anvin2009-05-291-157/+160
* shuffle: align the shuffle safe areaH. Peter Anvin2009-05-021-2/+3
* Merge branch 'master' into new-shufflerH. Peter Anvin2009-04-041-0/+1
| * Update copyright notices; add Intel notices where appropriateH. Peter Anvin2009-04-041-0/+1
* | shuffle: use SMT_RESERVED for the forbidden regionH. Peter Anvin2009-03-311-1/+1
* | shuffler: make the new shuffler actually workH. Peter Anvin2009-03-311-58/+78
* shuffler: more corrections to shuffle buffer assignmentH. Peter Anvin2009-03-101-12/+19
* shuffler: fix the handling of more than one block of descriptorsH. Peter Anvin2009-03-101-7/+15
* The shuffle descriptors need to be unused for input *and* outputsyslinux-3.62-pre3H. Peter Anvin2008-02-121-5/+17
* Change the minimum number of shuffle descriptors to 64.H. Peter Anvin2008-02-121-1/+1
* Query the shuffle descriptor set size and use itH. Peter Anvin2008-02-121-1/+14
* shuffle: avoid computing block lists that will never convergeH. Peter Anvin2008-02-111-4/+8
* Handle arbitrary numbers of shuffle descriptorsH. Peter Anvin2008-02-111-17/+117
* Update copyright yearH. Peter Anvin2008-01-101-1/+1
* Optional debugging code for shuffle and boot and load_linuxsyslinux-3.53-pre2H. Peter Anvin2007-11-021-0/+15
* Stealth whitespace cleanup (automated)H. Peter Anvin2007-03-141-5/+4
* Finish the shuffle and boot interface, and add an ELF loading module.H. Peter Anvin2007-03-141-11/+21
* Wrapper infrastructure for "shuffle and boot"H. Peter Anvin2007-03-121-0/+82