path: root/com32/lib/sys/module/common.c
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* module: Append '/' to PATH strings if missingMatt Fleming2012-11-291-0/+4
* module: Fix off-by-one error in findpath()Matt Fleming2012-11-271-2/+2
* module: Fixed the upper limit in symbol table walk throughChandramouli Narayanan2012-09-051-3/+3
* ldlinux: Use findpath() to lookup filenamessyslinux-5.00-pre7Matt Fleming2012-08-071-1/+1
* ldlinux: Return to command prompt after loading COM32Matt Fleming2012-08-021-0/+24
* lib/sys/module: Add support for weak symbolsMatt Fleming2012-07-201-1/+9
* ldlinux: fixes bug that happens when using fullpath for a COM32 moduleAndre Ericson2012-06-081-9/+4
* elflink: Fix build warningsMatt Fleming2012-04-171-5/+4
* elflink: Don't use strcmp on a non-NUL terminated stringMatt Fleming2012-03-231-1/+1
* elf: Support __constructor and __destructorMatt Fleming2012-03-231-1/+9
* elflink: Include '\n' when printing error messagesMatt Fleming2011-12-021-1/+1
* core: Fix ldlinux.c32 failing to load when not installed in "/"Matt Fleming2011-07-121-0/+9
* ldlinux: PATH-based module lookupMatt Fleming2011-06-061-1/+34
* elflink: merge with master branchFeng Tang2010-08-121-0/+0
* elflink: copy some elflink related files overFeng Tang2010-07-201-0/+526