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* dmi: check both the AC and ID flags at the same timeHEADmasterH. Peter Anvin2019-02-201-6/+11
| | | | | | | There is no reason to do the fairly complex flag-test sequence twice, when we might as well check for both flags at the same time. Signed-off-by: H. Peter Anvin <hpa@zytor.com>
* cpu_has_eflag(): mark output registers as earlyclobbersH. Peter Anvin2019-02-201-1/+1
| | | | | | | | | | | We assign values to the output registers before the input operand is used, so we have to use =&r to make sure the input operand isn't clobbered. Note: "ri" is correct; it cannot safely be a memory operand, because the stack pointer isn't where the compiler would expect it to be. Signed-off-by: H. Peter Anvin <hpa@zytor.com>
* cpu_has_eflag(): eliminate if the answer is already knownH. Peter Anvin2019-02-201-1/+7
| | | | | | | There is no need to test for a flag if the answer can be given at compile time. Signed-off-by: H. Peter Anvin <hpa@zytor.com>
* Reorganize and clean up a bunch of the x86 codeH. Peter Anvin2019-02-041-0/+206
We were doing a bunch of i386-specific things even on x86-64. Fix this, and merge x86 definitions where possible. Signed-off-by: H. Peter Anvin <hpa@zytor.com>