path: root/com32/elflink
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Delete 16-bit COMBOOT supportsyslinux-5.00Matt Fleming2012-12-062-3/+0
* Symbol export whitelistMatt Fleming2012-12-059-13/+15
* core: Fix 'NoHalt'Matt Fleming2012-12-051-2/+2
* Reduce the number of global variablesMatt Fleming2012-12-051-1/+1
* ldlinux: Use get_msg_file() for F-keysMatt Fleming2012-12-041-17/+2
* ldlinux: Remove default bold attribute typoMatt Fleming2012-12-041-1/+1
* CLI: Don't always start the CLI at column 0Matt Fleming2012-12-041-3/+9
* ldlinux: Move DISPLAY file handling out of the coresyslinux-5.00-pre13Matt Fleming2012-12-032-1/+215
* ldlinux: Don't try reloading ldlinux.c32 unless it's likely to succeedMatt Fleming2012-11-301-1/+3
* CLI: Delete 'temp_cmdline' and put 'cmdline' on the stackMatt Fleming2012-11-291-17/+6
* ldlinux: Complain to user on failure to perform file operationsMatt Fleming2012-11-292-2/+4
* ldlinux: Only append missing filename extensionsMatt Fleming2012-11-291-3/+6
* Merge branch 'coverity' into elflinksyslinux-5.00-pre11Matt Fleming2012-11-271-3/+1
| * chainboot: Delete extraneous free() in chainboot_file()Matt Fleming2012-11-151-3/+1
* | ldlinux: Reset the console whenever we execute a moduleMatt Fleming2012-11-273-1/+17
* | ldlinux: Fix OnError behaviourMatt Fleming2012-11-261-2/+8
* | ldlinux: Automatically apply ".c32" extension for COM32 filesMatt Fleming2012-11-263-2/+13
* | ldlinux: Don't return NULL on KEY_ESC.Matt Fleming2012-11-261-6/+0
* | ldlinux: Never exit from ldlinux.c32Matt Fleming2012-11-262-23/+29
* ldlinux: Delete dead code and useless printfsyslinux-5.00-pre10Matt Fleming2012-11-131-28/+0
* ldlinux: Delete inaccurate 'insufficient memory' messageMatt Fleming2012-11-131-3/+4
* CLI: Add Ctrl + V support for printing the Syslinux versionMatt Fleming2012-11-021-0/+10
* CLI: Fix command history traversalMatt Fleming2012-11-021-4/+18
* ldlinux: get_key() requires raw access to user inputMatt Fleming2012-11-022-2/+22
* ldlinux: Fix logic if no DEFAULT or UI directive is foundMatt Fleming2012-11-023-30/+30
* ldlinux: Print a warning if no config file is foundMatt Fleming2012-11-011-1/+4
* ldlinux: Use stdcon instead of rawcon for the consoleMatt Fleming2012-10-191-1/+1
* console: Close stdin, stdout, stderr on ldlinux.c32 unloadMatt Fleming2012-09-041-0/+12
* ldlinux: Use findpath() to lookup filenamessyslinux-5.00-pre7Matt Fleming2012-08-071-4/+5
* ldlinux: Return to command prompt after loading COM32Matt Fleming2012-08-023-29/+44
* elflink: Replace __intcall() with direct function callsMatt Fleming2012-07-201-1/+1
* ldlinux: Stop using the internal KT_* image typesMatt Fleming2012-07-204-50/+64
* Merge branch 'master' into elflinkMatt Fleming2012-07-191-1/+1
* ldlinux: Return immediately after we execute() a commandMatt Fleming2012-07-191-0/+1
* Fix Makefile install targetsMatt Fleming2012-07-041-5/+3
* menu: Supply the command type to execute()Matt Fleming2012-07-031-1/+1
* ldlinux: Don't lfree() 'kernel' twiceMatt Fleming2012-06-201-1/+0
* fs: Add .copy_super to struct fs_opsMatt Fleming2012-06-201-1/+1
* elflink: Fix compiler warningMatt Fleming2012-06-121-1/+1
* chainboot: clean up old assemblyismsH. Peter Anvin2012-06-071-57/+38
* execute(): move chainbooting code to its own fileH. Peter Anvin2012-06-073-137/+177
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'mfleming/elflink-dot-zero' into elflinkH. Peter Anvin2012-06-074-1/+258
| * elflink: Fix boot sector bootingMatt Fleming2012-06-074-1/+258
* | localboot: remove unnecessary real-mode callPaulo Alcantara2012-05-281-4/+2
* CLI: don't highlight the promptsyslinux-5.00-pre2H. Peter Anvin2012-05-182-2/+2
* CLI: Stick to the classic "boot: " prompt rather than "syslinux$"H. Peter Anvin2012-05-181-1/+1
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'mfleming/elflink' into elflinkH. Peter Anvin2012-05-044-50/+57
| * ldlinux: Parse ALLOWOPTIONS directiveMatt Fleming2012-05-032-1/+7
| * elflink: Fix TIMEOUT and TOTALTIMEOUT handlingMatt Fleming2012-05-034-48/+49
| * ldlinux: Don't drop args if we auto-lookup cmd extensionMatt Fleming2012-05-011-1/+1