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* Fix all warnings, and better separate code that should not be mixedsyslinux-6.04-pre3H. Peter Anvin (Intel)2019-02-071-2/+2
* build: sort sources to build in a more deterministic wayPhilippe Coval2015-01-051-3/+3
* com32sys_t inreg shall be zeroified prior intcallErwan Velu2014-01-221-0/+6
* cmenu: Add libmenu.c32 to $(C_LIBS)syslinux-6.02-pre15Matt Fleming2013-07-291-0/+2
* cmenu: the order of entries in $(LIBMENU) is vitalMatt Fleming2013-07-291-4/+3
* video.h: we need one syslinux_force_text_mode() prototypeMatt Fleming2013-07-261-0/+1
* cmenu: only the spotless target should delete *.c32Matt Fleming2013-07-121-3/+3
* Merge tag 'syslinux-5.01' into firmwaresyslinux-6.00-pre4Matt Fleming2013-01-292-34/+35
| * Rename libutil_com.c32 to libutil.c32H. Peter Anvin2013-01-171-2/+2
| * Always strip all the modulesH. Peter Anvin2013-01-171-4/+5
| * menugen: Make it compatible with Py3kPaulo Alcantara2013-01-091-28/+28
* | Merge tag 'syslinux-5.00' into firmwaresyslinux-6.00-pre3Matt Fleming2012-12-071-45/+7
| * cmenu: Delete __intcall()sMatt Fleming2012-11-271-45/+7
* | Merge tag 'syslinux-5.00-pre10' into for-hpa/elflink/firmwareMatt Fleming2012-11-141-1/+1
| * mk: Add Makefile variable for pythonMatt Fleming2012-11-121-1/+1
* | Add per-firmware object directory supportMatt Fleming2012-10-161-13/+16
* com32: Use --as-needed for LDFLAGSMatt Fleming2012-07-201-4/+4
* elflink: Replace __intcall() with direct function callsMatt Fleming2012-07-201-13/+9
* elflink: fix dependency problem in cmenu/Makefilesyslinux-5.00-pre6H. Peter Anvin2012-06-291-15/+4
* com32: Per-object file LDFLAGSMatt Fleming2012-06-201-2/+15
* Delete all references to __com32.cs_bounceMatt Fleming2012-06-081-7/+18
* elflink: Make ELF the default object formatMatt Fleming2011-04-261-9/+7
* cmenu: Rename menu.h to cmenu.hMatt Fleming2011-04-267-6/+6
* Makefile: Move Makefile fragments into mk/Matt Fleming2011-04-071-2/+3
* com32/cmenu/adv_menu.tpl: Use the proper value for ipappendH. Peter Anvin2011-03-161-1/+1
* com32/cmenu/libmenu/help.c: remove variables set but not usedH. Peter Anvin2011-03-161-4/+3
* libmenu: Fix cursor on exit from showmenus()Gene Cumm2010-07-261-1/+1
* com32: add proper sleep()/msleep() functions and make Lua use themH. Peter Anvin2010-07-052-13/+0
* cmenu: remove obsolete Makefile rulessyslinux-4.00-pre42H. Peter Anvin2010-05-121-15/+0
* adv_menu.tpl: fix type of login_handler()H. Peter Anvin2010-05-121-1/+3
* complex.c: fix warningsH. Peter Anvin2010-05-121-0/+4
* libmenu/des.c: fix signedness errorH. Peter Anvin2010-05-121-4/+3
* libmenu/passwords.h: function declaration isn't a prototypeH. Peter Anvin2010-05-121-1/+1
* libmenu/syslnx.c: mark ipappend usedH. Peter Anvin2010-05-121-0/+2
* CMENU: Fixing login_handler prototypeErwan Velu2010-05-121-1/+1
* cmenu: clean up some () that should be (void)H. Peter Anvin2010-01-103-4/+4
* Change () prototypes to (void)H. Peter Anvin2010-01-063-10/+10
* cmenu: Increasing limitsErwan Velu2009-11-081-2/+2
* cmenu: reset the cursor position on shutdownPierre-Alexandre Meyer2009-11-011-0/+1
* cmenu: use ASCII characters for scrollbarsPierre-Alexandre Meyer2009-09-072-4/+3
* cmenu: do not invoke help if helpid is 0xFFFF (complex.c)Pierre-Alexandre Meyer2009-09-071-1/+1
* cmenu: redraw the current menu after exiting the keys_handlerPierre-Alexandre Meyer2009-09-071-0/+6
* cmenu: optimize redraw to be fasterPierre-Alexandre Meyer2009-09-071-63/+118
* cmenu: force refresh after checkbox_handler in complex.cPierre-Alexandre Meyer2009-09-071-1/+6
* cmenu: redraw menu when exiting keys_handlerPierre-Alexandre Meyer2009-09-071-12/+22
* cmenu: pad help filename with 0 instead of spacesPierre-Alexandre Meyer2009-09-071-1/+1
* cmenu: remove obsolete com32io codePierre-Alexandre Meyer2009-09-062-14/+0
* cmenu: make the help menu actually workPierre-Alexandre Meyer2009-09-062-22/+39
* cmenu: fix handlers signature in the examplesPierre-Alexandre Meyer2009-09-052-3/+3
* cmenu: use get_key library for keyboard functionsPierre-Alexandre Meyer2009-09-0510-211/+99