Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Major Makefile cleanups; gcc 4.3.0 compatiblityH. Peter Anvin2008-08-2021-428/+271
* MEMDISK: document the pause optionH. Peter Anvin2008-08-141-0/+4
* pci: fix pci_scan()Sebastian Herbszt2008-08-121-2/+4
* pci: cosmetic fixesSebastian Herbszt2008-08-121-34/+34
* pci: revamp the PCI system to have a hierarchial formatH. Peter Anvin2008-08-124-251/+258
* ctype.h: change extern inline to static inlineH. Peter Anvin2008-08-121-1/+1
* stdio.h: change fflush() from "extern inline" to "static inline"H. Peter Anvin2008-08-121-1/+1
* com32: compile with -std=gnu99H. Peter Anvin2008-08-125-9/+19
* stdio.h: revamp fread/fwrite to make gcc less unhappyH. Peter Anvin2008-08-121-11/+12
* Merge updated version of the gPXE codeH. Peter Anvin2008-08-1211-0/+4352
* Fix lrand48() and rand()H. Peter Anvin2008-08-111-1/+1
* Add version.mk to .gitignoreH. Peter Anvin2008-08-071-0/+1
* com32/lib: add zalloc()H. Peter Anvin2008-08-014-9/+20
* pci: inlines for extracting part of a PCI device addressH. Peter Anvin2008-08-011-0/+15
* pci: store device addressH. Peter Anvin2008-08-012-3/+8
* Merge commit 'origin/for-3.72'H. Peter Anvin2008-07-313-9/+27
| * klibc/compiler.h: add __weak macrofor-3.72H. Peter Anvin2008-07-231-0/+3
| * klibc/compiler.h: booleanize likely/unlikelyH. Peter Anvin2008-07-231-4/+4
| * Simplify and fix label string scanningH. Peter Anvin2008-07-222-15/+7
| * parseconfig, ui: store the label name unmangledSebastian Herbszt2008-07-222-4/+27
* | version: bump version numberH. Peter Anvin2008-07-311-1/+1
* | Document search for MinGWsyslinux-3.71H. Peter Anvin2008-07-311-1/+4
* | Document remaining fixes.H. Peter Anvin2008-07-311-2/+4
* | chain.c32: error out on missing boot sector signatureH. Peter Anvin2008-07-301-0/+7
* core/runkernel.inc: remove dead codesyslinux-3.71-pre16Sergey Vlasov2008-07-221-6/+0
* Fix initrd overwriting the kernel for some kernel sizesSergey Vlasov2008-07-221-0/+2
* Fix loading of *.lkrn images from gPXESergey Vlasov2008-07-221-7/+6
* vesamenu: avoid strcmp() with NULLH. Peter Anvin2008-07-221-1/+1
* pci: resize pci_device arrayssyslinux-3.71-pre15Sebastian Herbszt2008-07-191-5/+5
* ethersel: use library functionsSebastian Herbszt2008-07-191-26/+4
* Document SERIAL fixH. Peter Anvin2008-07-171-0/+1
* Correctly parse "serial" statements with no baud rateH. Peter Anvin2008-07-171-7/+6
* win32: run shell script in the current dir with ./H. Peter Anvin2008-07-171-1/+1
* isolinux: rename CurDir to CurrentDirSebastian Herbszt2008-07-161-8/+8
* <sys/cpu.h>: asm() formatting cleanupH. Peter Anvin2008-07-161-1/+2
* <sys/cpu.h>: drop redundant "return"H. Peter Anvin2008-07-161-1/+1
* com32: move cpuid inlines to <sys/cpu.h>H. Peter Anvin2008-07-162-73/+41
* win32: search for a mingw compiler under several namesH. Peter Anvin2008-07-162-17/+37
* ifcpu64.c32: clean up the sourcessyslinux-3.71-pre14H. Peter Anvin2008-07-161-23/+18
* cpuid.h: add __constfuncH. Peter Anvin2008-07-161-5/+6
* cpufeature.h: remove unused macrossyslinux-3.71-pre13H. Peter Anvin2008-07-161-29/+0
* ifcpu64.c32: simple module to choose a 32, 32pae, or 64-bit kernelH. Peter Anvin2008-07-163-1/+131
* cpuid.[ch]: various cleanupsH. Peter Anvin2008-07-162-120/+128
* NEWS: document ADV CBIOS fix.syslinux-3.71-pre12H. Peter Anvin2008-07-161-0/+1
* adv: fix the handling of the ADV with CBIOSH. Peter Anvin2008-07-161-25/+39
* parseconfig: fix invalid mangle_name assumptionH. Peter Anvin2008-07-161-1/+1
* chain.c32: fix test for partition types which can be hiddensyslinux-3.71-pre11Sergey Vlasov2008-07-161-1/+1
* chain.c32: fix bounce buffer handlingSergey Vlasov2008-07-161-4/+7
* gen-id: only truncate tags starting with syslinux-<version>-H. Peter Anvin2008-07-153-12/+24
* Use "git describe" in generating build signaturesH. Peter Anvin2008-07-151-4/+2