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diff --git a/dosutil/eltorito.asm b/dosutil/eltorito.asm
index eabda126..96cfd9ba 100644
--- a/dosutil/eltorito.asm
+++ b/dosutil/eltorito.asm
@@ -1029,7 +1029,7 @@ SpecGo: mov si,SpecPkt
ScanDrives: push ax ; at df3 in 1.4
push si
- mov dl, 0ffh ;Start at Drive 0xff
+ mov dl, 80h ;Start at Drive 0x80
NextDrv: mov ax,4B01h ;Get Bootable CD-ROM Status
mov BYTE [SpecPkt],0 ;Clear 1st byte of SpecPkt
call SpecGo
@@ -1044,9 +1044,9 @@ NextDrv: mov ax,4B01h ;Get Bootable CD-ROM Status
ja FindFail ; in 1.4 at e16
jmp short SendFound ; in 1.4 at e26
-FindFail: dec dl ;Next drive
- cmp dl, 80h
- jb SendFail ; Check from ffh..80h
+FindFail: inc dl ;Next drive
+ cmp dl, 0ffh
+ jb SendFail ; Check from 80h..ffh
jmp short NextDrv
SendFail: xor dl,dl