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@@ -78,13 +78,38 @@ MENU DEFAULT
default is specified, use the first one.
+ (Only valid after a LABEL statement.)
+ Sets a password on this menu entry. "passwd" can be either a
+ cleartext password or a SHA-1 encrypted password; use the
+ included Perl script "sha1pass" to encrypt passwords.
+ (Obviously, if you don't encrypt your passwords they will not
+ be very secure at all.)
+ If you are using passwords, you want to make sure you also use
+ the settings "NOESCAPE 1", "PROMPT 0", and either set
+ "ALLOWOPTIONS 0" or use a master password (see below.)
+ If passwd is an empty string, this menu entry can only be
+ unlocked with the master password.
+ Sets a master password. This password can be used to boot any
+ menu entry, and is required for the [Tab] and [Esc] keys to
+ work.
The menu system honours the TIMEOUT command; if TIMEOUT is specified
it will execute the ONTIMEOUT command if one exists, otherwise it will
pick the default menu option.
Normally, the user can press [Tab] to edit the menu entry, and [Esc]
to return to the SYSLINUX command line. However, if the configuration
-file specifies ALLOWOPTIONS 0, these keys will be disabled.
+file specifies ALLOWOPTIONS 0, these keys will be disabled, and if
+MENU MASTER PASSWD is set, they require the master password.
The simple menu system supports serial console, using the normal
SERIAL directive. However, it can be quite slow over a slow serial