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@@ -50,6 +50,14 @@ Changes in 4.00:
* isohybrid: C version which does not require Perl.
* New command MENU IMMEDIATE to permit hotkeys to activate
immediately without needing Enter.
+ * mdiskchk.com supports a --no-sequential (or -n) option to
+ suppress the classic all-drive-probing heuristic. Useful
+ on BIOSes who crash/hang when certain drive numbers are
+ probed.
+ * ElTorito.Sys DOS driver now scans drive numbers upwards
+ instead of downwards, in order to avoid a fairly common
+ bug on some BIOSes where probing drive 0xFF causes a
+ failure.
Changes in 3.86:
* chain.c32: fix chainloading the MBR of a hard disk (broken