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efi: Add network supportsyslinux-6.00-pre5
Add TCP and UDP support to the EFI firmware backend. This necessitated moving all tcp functions to a core_tcp_* prefix so that they could be implemented differently for BIOS+lwip and EFI. Unfortunately, the tcp_* prefix is already in use by the lwip code. To maintain symmetry, the UDP functions were also moved from net_core_* to core_udp_*. The net_core API was introduced in 5.x to allow the legacy PXE and lwip stacks to live side by side, and the intention was that net_core_init() would take a protocol argument to build a protocol-specific object. It turned out to be easier to call either udp or tcp functions directly because the semantics of read/write differ between protocols. Booting an IPv4 EFI PXE stack using tftp and http has been tested. There are a couple of TODO items left, o dns resolve code is missing o ftp hasn't been tested Signed-off-by: Matt Fleming <matt.fleming@intel.com>
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