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authorH. Peter Anvin <hpa@zytor.com>2009-05-29 15:10:21 -0700
committerH. Peter Anvin <hpa@zytor.com>2009-05-29 15:10:21 -0700
commit4e64551c6e0383e860bbfe68e3f4f0e0d7feb0d3 (patch)
tree681fbd5d544bf454e68c5d3709000de54b7907d8 /com32
parent641833174ebcf62cdf01b881277d7029b03b5f76 (diff)
Run Nindent on com32/gplinclude/dmi/dmi_bios.h
Automatically reformat com32/gplinclude/dmi/dmi_bios.h using Nindent. Do this for all files except HDT, gPXE and externally maintained libraries (zlib, tinyjpeg, libpng). Signed-off-by: H. Peter Anvin <hpa@zytor.com>
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1 files changed, 56 insertions, 56 deletions
diff --git a/com32/gplinclude/dmi/dmi_bios.h b/com32/gplinclude/dmi/dmi_bios.h
index 546bbefc..53201acb 100644
--- a/com32/gplinclude/dmi/dmi_bios.h
+++ b/com32/gplinclude/dmi/dmi_bios.h
@@ -31,77 +31,77 @@ extern const char *bios_charac_strings[];
/* this struct has BIOS_CHAR_NB_ELEMENTS */
/* each bool is associated with the relevant message above */
typedef struct {
-bool bios_characteristics_not_supported;
-bool isa;
-bool mca;
-bool eisa;
-bool pci;
-bool pc_card;
-bool pnp;
-bool apm;
-bool bios_upgreadable;
-bool bios_shadowing;
-bool vlb;
-bool escd;
-bool boot_from_cd;
-bool selectable_boot;
-bool bios_rom_socketed;
-bool edd;
-bool japanese_floppy_nec_9800_1_2MB;
-bool japanese_floppy_toshiba_1_2MB;
-bool floppy_5_25_360KB;
-bool floppy_5_25_1_2MB;
-bool floppy_3_5_720KB;
-bool floppy_3_5_2_88MB;
-bool print_screen;
-bool keyboard_8042_support;
-bool serial_support;
-bool printer_support;
-bool cga_mono_support;
-bool nec_pc_98;
-} __attribute__((__packed__)) s_characteristics;
+ bool bios_characteristics_not_supported;
+ bool isa;
+ bool mca;
+ bool eisa;
+ bool pci;
+ bool pc_card;
+ bool pnp;
+ bool apm;
+ bool bios_upgreadable;
+ bool bios_shadowing;
+ bool vlb;
+ bool escd;
+ bool boot_from_cd;
+ bool selectable_boot;
+ bool bios_rom_socketed;
+ bool edd;
+ bool japanese_floppy_nec_9800_1_2MB;
+ bool japanese_floppy_toshiba_1_2MB;
+ bool floppy_5_25_360KB;
+ bool floppy_5_25_1_2MB;
+ bool floppy_3_5_720KB;
+ bool floppy_3_5_2_88MB;
+ bool print_screen;
+ bool keyboard_8042_support;
+ bool serial_support;
+ bool printer_support;
+ bool cga_mono_support;
+ bool nec_pc_98;
+} __attribute__ ((__packed__)) s_characteristics;
extern const char *bios_charac_x1_strings[];
/* this struct has BIOS_CHAR_X1_NB_ELEMENTS */
/* each bool is associated with the relevant message above */
typedef struct {
-bool acpi;
-bool usb_legacy;
-bool agp;
-bool i2o_boot;
-bool ls_120_boot;
-bool zip_drive_boot;
-bool ieee_1394_boot;
-bool smart_battery;
-} __attribute__((__packed__)) s_characteristics_x1;
+ bool acpi;
+ bool usb_legacy;
+ bool agp;
+ bool i2o_boot;
+ bool ls_120_boot;
+ bool zip_drive_boot;
+ bool ieee_1394_boot;
+ bool smart_battery;
+} __attribute__ ((__packed__)) s_characteristics_x1;
extern const char *bios_charac_x2_strings[];
/* this struct has BIOS_CHAR_X2_NB_ELEMENTS */
/* each bool is associated with the relevant message above */
typedef struct {
-bool bios_boot_specification;
-bool bios_network_boot_by_keypress;
-bool target_content_distribution;
-} __attribute__((__packed__)) s_characteristics_x2;
+ bool bios_boot_specification;
+ bool bios_network_boot_by_keypress;
+ bool target_content_distribution;
+} __attribute__ ((__packed__)) s_characteristics_x2;
typedef struct {
-char vendor[BIOS_VENDOR_SIZE];
-char version[BIOS_VERSION_SIZE];
-char release_date[BIOS_RELEASE_SIZE];
-uint16_t address;
-uint16_t runtime_size;
-char runtime_size_unit[BIOS_RUNTIME_SIZE_UNIT_SIZE];
-uint16_t rom_size;
-char rom_size_unit[BIOS_ROM_UNIT_SIZE];
-s_characteristics characteristics;
-s_characteristics_x1 characteristics_x1;
-s_characteristics_x2 characteristics_x2;
-char bios_revision [BIOS_BIOS_REVISION_SIZE];
-char firmware_revision [BIOS_FIRMWARE_REVISION_SIZE];
+ char vendor[BIOS_VENDOR_SIZE];
+ char version[BIOS_VERSION_SIZE];
+ char release_date[BIOS_RELEASE_SIZE];
+ uint16_t address;
+ uint16_t runtime_size;
+ char runtime_size_unit[BIOS_RUNTIME_SIZE_UNIT_SIZE];
+ uint16_t rom_size;
+ char rom_size_unit[BIOS_ROM_UNIT_SIZE];
+ s_characteristics characteristics;
+ s_characteristics_x1 characteristics_x1;
+ s_characteristics_x2 characteristics_x2;
+ char bios_revision[BIOS_BIOS_REVISION_SIZE];
+ char firmware_revision[BIOS_FIRMWARE_REVISION_SIZE];
/* The filled field have to be set to true when the dmitable implement that item */
-bool filled;
+ bool filled;
} s_bios;