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Merge branch 'xfs-for-hpa' of git://zytor.com/users/pcacjr/syslinux into merge/elflink/xfs
Pull XFS filesystem driver from Paulo Alcantara, * 'xfs-for-hpa' of git://zytor.com/users/pcacjr/syslinux: (60 commits) xfs: Fix the way we check di_mode of an inode xfs: Cleanup previous commit xfs: Add xfs_readlink() xfs: Cleanup and remove some trailing whitespaces xfs: Add XFS_DINODE_FMT_BTREE support in xfs_next_extent() xfs: Cleanup and remove some trailing whitespaces xfs: Rework xfs_dir2_get_right_blk() xfs: cleanup unused structure xfs: Remove some trailing whitespaces xfs: Add full B+tree search support in xfs_dir2_node_find_entry() xfs: Add xfs_fmt_btree_find_entry() xfs: Fix memory leak in xfs_dir2_node_find_entry() function xfs: Cleanup xfs_readdir_dir2_leaf() function xfs: Implement xfs_readdir_dir2_node() function EXTLINUX: Add sanity check for XFS filesystems xfs: Add xfs_fmt_local_readdir() function xfs: Add xfs_fmt_local_find_entry() function xfs: Move readdir functions to another source file xfs: Remove trailing whitespace in xfs_dir2_isleaf() function xfs: Move dir2 functions to another source file ... Conflicts: extlinux/main.c
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