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authorMatt Fleming <matt.fleming@linux.intel.com>2011-03-03 11:53:42 +0000
committerMatt Fleming <matt.fleming@linux.intel.com>2011-03-09 14:32:36 +0000
commit9caf6cce661a627ff2fd414fc27417f586d2b2f4 (patch)
treece180bffb80b3ac9a58c5e435ff36e42f1d276f3 /com32/elflink/ldlinux/readconfig.c
parentf8c8e0e0f1556280a983e281f7ef0ed3af2d36b9 (diff)
elflink: Move config data into config.h
Move some definitions that other compilation units need to know about into config.h. In subsequent patches ldlinux.c will use the global options set by readconfig.c to decide which kernel to boot. Signed-off-by: Matt Fleming <matt.fleming@linux.intel.com>
Diffstat (limited to 'com32/elflink/ldlinux/readconfig.c')
1 files changed, 9 insertions, 8 deletions
diff --git a/com32/elflink/ldlinux/readconfig.c b/com32/elflink/ldlinux/readconfig.c
index 18c11834..1fb91562 100644
--- a/com32/elflink/ldlinux/readconfig.c
+++ b/com32/elflink/ldlinux/readconfig.c
@@ -25,6 +25,7 @@
#include <core-elf.h>
#include "menu.h"
+#include "config.h"
const struct menu_parameter mparm[NPARAMS] = {
[P_WIDTH] = {"width", 0},
@@ -43,17 +44,17 @@ const struct menu_parameter mparm[NPARAMS] = {
[P_HIDDEN_ROW] = {"hiddenrow", -2},
-short uappendlen; //bytes in append= command
-short ontimeoutlen; //bytes in ontimeout command
-short onerrorlen; //bytes in onerror command
-short forceprompt; //force prompt
-short noescape; //no escape
-short nocomplete; //no label completion on TAB key
+short uappendlen = 0; //bytes in append= command
+short ontimeoutlen = 0; //bytes in ontimeout command
+short onerrorlen = 0; //bytes in onerror command
+short forceprompt = 0; //force prompt
+short noescape = 0; //no escape
+short nocomplete = 0; //no label completion on TAB key
short allowimplicit = 1; //allow implicit kernels
short allowoptions = 1; //user-specified options allowed
short includelevel = 1; //nesting level
-short defaultlevel; //the current level of default
-short vkernel; //have we seen any "label" statements?
+short defaultlevel = 0; //the current level of default
+short vkernel = 0; //have we seen any "label" statements?
short displaycon = 1; //conio.inc
short nohalt = 1; //idle.inc