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Declare this to be the beginning of version 1.61, and update the
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Starting with 1.47, changes marked with SYSLINUX/PXELINUX/ISOLINUX
apply to that specific program only; other changes apply to both.
+Changes in 1.61:
+ * ISOLINUX: Support full pathname searches. Max length for a
+ pathname is 255 characters. As a result, only 64 "label"
+ statements are supported in ISOLINUX.
+ * PXELINUX: Max filename length extended to 63 characters.
Changes in 1.60:
* Add support for graphical splash screens.
* Add mode control characters, which allows you to control
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@@ -36,9 +36,14 @@ as appropriate, such as -J or -R):
-no-emul-boot -boot-load-size 4 -boot-info-table \
-ISOLINUX will look in the "isolinux" directory, if it exists, for any
-file requested. It currently does not support accessing other
-directories. Please let me know if this is a desired feature.
+ISOLINUX resolves pathnames the following way:
+- A pathname consists of names separated by slashes, Unix-style.
+- A leading / means it searches from the root directory; otherwise the
+ search is from the isolinux directory (think of this as the "current
+ directory".)
+- . and .. in pathname searches are not supported.
+- The maximum length of any pathname is 255 characters.
Note that ISOLINUX only uses the "plain" ISO 9660 filenames, i.e. it
does not support Rock Ridge or Joliet filenames. It can still be used
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@@ -75,11 +75,6 @@ mode.
The -o option is used with a disk image file and specifies the byte
offset of the filesystem image in the file.
-WARNING: There seems to be a bug in some recent experimental Linux
- kernels that causes floppy disk corruption when using the
- Linux syslinux installer. This bug exists in kernels
- 2.1.79-2.1.86; as far as I know the bug is fixed in 2.1.87.
On boot time, by default, the kernel will be loaded from the image named
LINUX on the boot floppy. This default can be changed, see the section
on the SYSLINUX config file.
@@ -126,7 +121,7 @@ APPEND options...
usually permitting explicitly entered kernel options to override
them. This is the equivalent of the LILO "append" option.
-IPAPPEND flag_val
+IPAPPEND flag_val [PXELINUX only]
The IPAPPEND option is available only on PXELINUX, and
indicates (if the flag value is 1) that an option of the
following format should be generated and added:
@@ -138,14 +133,15 @@ IPAPPEND flag_val
LABEL label
KERNEL image
APPEND options...
- IPAPPEND flag_val
+ IPAPPEND flag_val [PXELINUX only]
Indicates that if "label" is entered as the kernel to boot,
SYSLINUX should instead boot "image", and the specified APPEND
and IPAPPEND options should be used instead of the ones
specified in the global section of the file (before the first
LABEL command.) The default for "image" is the same as
"label", and if no APPEND is given the default is to use the
- global entry (if any). Up to 128 LABEL entries are permitted.
+ global entry (if any). Up to 128 LABEL entries are permitted
+ (for ISOLINUX, 64 LABEL entries.)
Note that LILO uses the syntax:
image = mykernel
@@ -159,16 +155,17 @@ LABEL label
Notes: Labels are mangled as if they were filenames, and must be
unique after mangling. For example, two labels
- "v2.1.30" and "v2.1.31" will not be distinguishable.
+ "v2.1.30" and "v2.1.31" will not be distinguishable
+ under SYSLINUX, since both mangle to the same DOS filename.
- The "image" doesn't have to be a Linux kernel; it can
+ The "kernel" doesn't have to be a Linux kernel; it can
be a boot sector or a COMBOOT file (see below.)
Append nothing. APPEND with a single hyphen as argument in a
LABEL section can be used to override a global APPEND.
On PXELINUX, specifying "LOCALBOOT 0" instead of a "KERNEL"
option means invoking this particular label will cause a local
disk boot instead of booting a kernel.
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