path: root/sound/pci/hda/patch_conexant.c
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* ALSA: hda - Enable jack sense for Thinkpad Edge 11Manoj Iyer2010-11-231-0/+1
* ALSA: hda: Use hp-laptop quirk to enable headphones automute for Asus A52JDaniel T Chen2010-11-221-0/+1
* ALSA: hda - Apply ideapad quirk to Acer laptops with Cxt5066Takashi Iwai2010-10-211-2/+1
* ALSA: hda - Add quirk for another Acer laptop with a CX20585 codecLuke Yelavich2010-09-281-0/+1
* ALSA: hda - Check the external mic pin more strictly for Conexant chipsTakashi Iwai2010-09-171-1/+2
* ALSA: hda - Make snd_hda_get_input_pin_attr() helperTakashi Iwai2010-09-171-9/+2
* ALSA: HDA: Sort CXT5066 quirk tableDavid Henningsson2010-09-171-5/+5
* ALSA: HDA: Fix spelling (change VOSTO to VOSTRO)David Henningsson2010-09-171-5/+5
* ALSA: hda - Add quirk for Acer laptop with CX20585 codecTakashi Iwai2010-09-161-0/+1
* ALSA: hda - Preliminary support for new Conexant audio codecsTakashi Iwai2010-09-161-1/+639
* ALSA: hda - Add quirk for Toshiba C650D using a Conexant CX20585Anisse Astier2010-09-131-0/+1
* ALSA: hda - Add quirk for Lenovo T400sTakashi Iwai2010-09-071-0/+1
* ALSA: hda - Add a new hp-laptop model for Conexant 5066, tested on HP G60David Henningsson2010-09-021-0/+57
* ALSA: hda - Add support for Lenovo S10-3tJerone Young2010-08-231-0/+1
* ALSA: hda - Add quirk for Dell Vostro 1220Takashi Iwai2010-08-161-0/+1
* ALSA: hda - Fix dynamic ADC change working againTakashi Iwai2010-08-131-1/+1
* ALSA: hda - add support for Conexant CX20584Takashi Iwai2010-08-091-0/+3
* ALSA: hda - FIX to not expose SPDIF on Thinkpad X301, since it does not have ...Jerone Young2010-08-031-0/+4
* ALSA: hda - Shut up pins at power-saving mode with Conexnat codecsTakashi Iwai2010-07-301-0/+12
* ALSA: hda - Add conexant quirk for AMD based Lenovo G series machinesJerone Young2010-07-191-1/+3
* ALSA: hda - Add beep mixer support to Conexant codecsTakashi Iwai2010-07-091-4/+51
* ALSA: hda - add ideapad model for Conexant 5051 codecHerton Ronaldo Krzesinski2010-06-171-0/+20
* ALSA: hda: Add support for another Lenovo ThinkPad Edge in conexant codecAndreas Herrmann2010-05-281-0/+1
* ALSA: hda - Add support for Thinkpad Edge conexant chipJerone Young2010-05-271-0/+1
* Merge branch 'topic/hda' into for-linusTakashi Iwai2010-05-201-5/+152
| * Merge branch 'fix/hda' into topic/hdaTakashi Iwai2010-05-101-0/+1
| |\
| * | ALSA: hda: enable SPDIF output for Conexant 5051/Lenovo docking stationsPierre-Louis Bossart2010-05-101-1/+3
| * | Merge branch 'fix/hda' into topic/hdaTakashi Iwai2010-05-061-2/+6
| |\ \
| * | | ALSA: hda - Add initial support for Thinkpad T410s HDA codecJens Taprogge2010-04-151-4/+149
* | | | ALSA: hda: Fix 0 dB for Lenovo models using Conexant CX20549 (Venice)Daniel T Chen2010-05-111-3/+4
| |_|/ |/| |
* | | ALSA: hda - add support for Lenovo ThinkPad X100e in conexant codecAndrej Gelenberg2010-05-101-0/+1
| |/ |/|
* | ALSA: hda: Fix 0 dB for Packard Bell models using Conexant CX20549 (Venice)Daniel T Chen2010-05-051-2/+3
* | ALSA: hda - Add quirk for Dell Inspiron 19T using a Conexant CX20582Anisse Astier2010-05-051-0/+1
* | ALSA: hda: Use olpc-xo-1_5 quirk for Toshiba Satellite P500-PSPGSC-01800TDaniel T Chen2010-05-051-0/+1
* | ALSA: hda: Use olpc-xo-1_5 quirk for Toshiba Satellite Pro T130-15FDaniel T Chen2010-05-051-0/+1
* ALSA: hda: Fix 0 dB offset for HP laptops using CX20551 (Waikiki)Daniel T Chen2010-03-221-0/+15
* ALSA: hda - Add support for Lenovo IdeaPad U150Greg Alexander2010-02-131-4/+126
* ALSA: hda - Fix index of HP Compaq F700 mic ampTakashi Iwai2010-01-281-1/+1
* ALSA: hda - Change headphone pin control with master volume on cx5051Takashi Iwai2010-01-241-0/+5
* ALSA: hda - Fix SPDIF output widget for Cxt5051 codecTakashi Iwai2010-01-241-1/+1
* ALSA: hda - initialize mic port on cxt5051 codec dynamicallyTakashi Iwai2010-01-241-6/+20
* ALSA: hda - Merge playback controls for Cx5051 codec modelsTakashi Iwai2010-01-241-49/+13
* ALSA: hda - Add support for Toshiba Satellite M300Takashi Iwai2010-01-241-5/+33
* ALSA: hda - Fix HP dv6736 capture mixer nameTakashi Iwai2010-01-231-2/+2
* ALSA: hda - Minor fixes for Compaq Presario F700 quirkTakashi Iwai2010-01-231-4/+4
* ALSA: hda - support OLPC XO-1.5 DC inputDaniel Drake2010-01-081-23/+190
* ALSA: hda - Configure XO-1.5 microphones at capture timeDaniel Drake2010-01-081-40/+85
* Merge branch 'topic/hda' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/tiw...Jaroslav Kysela2010-01-081-6/+37
| * Merge branch 'fix/hda' into topic/hdaTakashi Iwai2009-12-231-6/+37
| |\
| | * ALSA: hda - Make use of beep device found in Dell Vostro 1015nEinar R√ľnkaru2009-12-171-0/+4