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* TOMOYO: Update version to 2.3.0Tetsuo Handa2010-08-021-2/+2
* TOMOYO: Fix quota check.Tetsuo Handa2010-08-021-1/+1
* TOMOYO: Explicitly set file_operations->llseek pointer.Tetsuo Handa2010-08-021-0/+1
* TOMOYO: Add missing poll() hook.Tetsuo Handa2010-08-023-0/+33
* TOMOYO: Rename symbols.Tetsuo Handa2010-08-028-240/+199
* TOMOYO: Small cleanup.Tetsuo Handa2010-08-021-74/+121
* TOMOYO: Copy directly to userspace buffer.Tetsuo Handa2010-08-023-459/+499
* TOMOYO: Use common code for policy reading.Tetsuo Handa2010-08-021-178/+82
* TOMOYO: Allow reading only execute permission.Tetsuo Handa2010-08-022-0/+10
* TOMOYO: Change list iterator.Tetsuo Handa2010-08-022-57/+34
* TOMOYO: Use common code for domain transition control.Tetsuo Handa2010-08-026-305/+159
* TOMOYO: Remove alias keyword.Tetsuo Handa2010-08-025-164/+8
* TOMOYO: Merge path_group and number_group.Tetsuo Handa2010-08-029-282/+199
* TOMOYO: Aggregate reader functions.Tetsuo Handa2010-08-026-384/+200
* TOMOYO: Use array of "struct list_head".Tetsuo Handa2010-08-028-383/+98
* TOMOYO: Merge tomoyo_path_group and tomoyo_number_groupTetsuo Handa2010-08-025-84/+59
* TOMOYO: Pass "struct list_head" rather than "void *".Tetsuo Handa2010-08-021-58/+72
* TOMOYO: Make read function to void.Tetsuo Handa2010-08-023-42/+20
* TOMOYO: Merge functions.Tetsuo Handa2010-08-021-41/+9
* TOMOYO: Remove wrapper function for reading keyword.Tetsuo Handa2010-08-023-70/+14
* TOMOYO: Loosen parameter check for mount operation.Tetsuo Handa2010-08-021-91/+33
* TOMOYO: Rename symbols.Tetsuo Handa2010-08-0210-157/+157
* TOMOYO: Use callback for permission check.Tetsuo Handa2010-08-024-258/+230
* TOMOYO: Pass parameters via structure.Tetsuo Handa2010-08-023-1/+58
* TOMOYO: Use common code for open and mkdir etc.Tetsuo Handa2010-08-023-84/+22
* TOMOYO: Use common code for garbage collection.Tetsuo Handa2010-08-021-146/+66
* TOMOYO: Use callback for updating entries.Tetsuo Handa2010-08-026-252/+190
* TOMOYO: Use common structure for list element.Tetsuo Handa2010-08-027-164/+167
* TOMOYO: Use callback for updating entries.Tetsuo Handa2010-08-027-312/+253
* TOMOYO: Update profile structure.Tetsuo Handa2010-08-026-248/+486
* TOMOYO: Add pathname aggregation support.Tetsuo Handa2010-08-024-0/+204
* TOMOYO: Allow wildcard for execute permission.Tetsuo Handa2010-08-027-151/+90
* TOMOYO: Support longer pathname.Tetsuo Handa2010-08-026-318/+208
* TOMOYO: Several fixes for TOMOYO's management programs.Tetsuo Handa2010-08-023-6/+23
* LSM: Remove unused arguments from security_path_truncate().Tetsuo Handa2010-08-021-2/+1
* TOMOYO: Split files into some pieces.Tetsuo Handa2010-08-0211-1416/+1469
* TOMOYO: Add interactive enforcing mode.Tetsuo Handa2010-08-026-120/+564
* TOMOYO: Add mount restriction.Tetsuo Handa2010-08-027-11/+469
* TOMOYO: Split file access control functions by type of parameters.Tetsuo Handa2010-08-025-123/+752
* TOMOYO: Use structure for passing common arguments.Tetsuo Handa2010-08-025-206/+162
* TOMOYO: Add numeric values grouping support.Tetsuo Handa2010-08-026-1/+454
* TOMOYO: Add pathname grouping support.Tetsuo Handa2010-05-176-54/+433
* TOMOYO: Use stack memory for pending entry.Tetsuo Handa2010-05-105-192/+190
* TOMOYO: Use mutex_lock_interruptible.Tetsuo Handa2010-05-066-24/+37
* Merge branch 'master' into nextJames Morris2010-05-065-0/+5
| * include cleanup: Update gfp.h and slab.h includes to prepare for breaking imp...Tejun Heo2010-03-305-0/+5
* | TOMOYO: Use GFP_NOFS rather than GFP_KERNEL.Tetsuo Handa2010-05-064-18/+18
* | Merge branch 'master' into nextJames Morris2010-03-312-19/+5
| * tomoyo: fix potential use after freeDan Carpenter2010-03-151-0/+1
| * Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/vir...Linus Torvalds2010-03-041-19/+4
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