path: root/security/tomoyo/realpath.h
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* TOMOYO: Merge headers.Tetsuo Handa2010-02-151-76/+0
* TOMOYO: Add refcounter on string data.Tetsuo Handa2010-02-151-1/+20
* TOMOYO: Remove usage counter for temporary memory.Tetsuo Handa2010-01-271-7/+1
* TOMOYO: Remove memory pool for list elements.Tetsuo Handa2010-01-111-5/+2
* tomoyo: version bump to 2.2.0.Tetsuo Handa2009-04-141-1/+1
* TOMOYO: Do not call tomoyo_realpath_init unless registered.Tetsuo Handa2009-02-231-0/+3
* Memory and pathname management functions.Kentaro Takeda2009-02-121-0/+63