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* capabilities/syslog: open code cap_syslog logic to fix build failureEric Paris2010-11-151-0/+5
* secmark: make secmark object handling genericEric Paris2010-10-211-1/+16
* Merge branch 'writable_limits' of git://decibel.fi.muni.cz/~xslaby/linuxLinus Torvalds2010-08-101-1/+2
| * rlimits: security, add task_struct to setrlimitJiri Slaby2010-07-161-1/+2
* | Security: capability: code style issueChihau Chau2010-08-021-1/+1
* | LSM: Remove unused arguments from security_path_truncate().Tetsuo Handa2010-08-021-2/+1
* LSM: Add __init to fixup function.Tetsuo Handa2010-05-171-1/+1
* security: remove dead hook acctEric Paris2010-04-121-6/+0
* security: remove dead hook key_session_to_parentEric Paris2010-04-121-8/+0
* security: remove dead hook task_setgroupsEric Paris2010-04-121-6/+0
* security: remove dead hook task_setgidEric Paris2010-04-121-6/+0
* security: remove dead hook task_setuidEric Paris2010-04-121-6/+0
* security: remove dead hook cred_commitEric Paris2010-04-121-5/+0
* security: remove dead hook inode_deleteEric Paris2010-04-121-5/+0
* security: remove dead hook sb_post_pivotrootEric Paris2010-04-121-5/+0
* security: remove dead hook sb_post_addmountEric Paris2010-04-121-5/+0
* security: remove dead hook sb_post_remountEric Paris2010-04-121-6/+0
* security: remove dead hook sb_umount_busyEric Paris2010-04-121-5/+0
* security: remove dead hook sb_umount_closeEric Paris2010-04-121-5/+0
* security: remove sb_check_sb hooksEric Paris2010-04-121-6/+0
* Security: add static to security_ops and default_security_ops variablewzt.wzt@gmail.com2010-02-241-4/+0
* security: report the module name to security_module_requestEric Paris2009-11-101-1/+1
* LSM: Add security_path_chroot().Tetsuo Handa2009-10-121-0/+6
* LSM: Add security_path_chmod() and security_path_chown().Tetsuo Handa2009-10-121-0/+13
* LSM/SELinux: inode_{get,set,notify}secctx hooks to access LSM security contex...David P. Quigley2009-09-101-0/+17
* KEYS: Add a keyctl to install a process's session keyring on its parent [try #6]David Howells2009-09-021-0/+19
* lsm: Add hooks to the TUN driverPaul Moore2009-09-011-0/+19
* security: introducing security_request_moduleEric Paris2009-08-141-0/+6
* Capabilities: move cap_file_mmap to commoncap.cEric Paris2009-08-061-9/+0
* security: rename ptrace_may_access => ptrace_access_checkIngo Molnar2009-06-251-1/+1
* lsm: Remove the socket_post_accept() hookPaul Moore2009-03-281-5/+0
* introduce new LSM hooks where vfsmount is available.Kentaro Takeda2008-12-311-0/+57
* security: pass mount flags to security_sb_kern_mount()James Morris2008-12-201-1/+1
* CRED: Allow kernel services to override LSM settings for task actionsDavid Howells2008-11-141-0/+12
* CRED: Make execve() take advantage of copy-on-write credentialsDavid Howells2008-11-141-13/+6
* CRED: Inaugurate COW credentialsDavid Howells2008-11-141-9/+12
* CRED: Pass credentials through dentry_open()David Howells2008-11-141-1/+1
* CRED: Detach the credentials from task_structDavid Howells2008-11-141-4/+4
* security: Fix setting of PF_SUPERPRIV by __capable()David Howells2008-08-141-1/+2
* [PATCH] pass MAY_OPEN to vfs_permission() explicitlyAl Viro2008-07-261-2/+1
* security: remove register_security hookJames Morris2008-07-141-7/+0
* security: remove dummy moduleMiklos Szeredi2008-07-141-64/+986
* capabilities: implement per-process securebitsAndrew G. Morgan2008-04-281-0/+1
* file capabilities: remove cap_task_kill()Serge Hallyn2008-03-201-1/+0
* Implement file posix capabilitiesSerge E. Hallyn2007-10-171-0/+6
* security: Convert LSM into a static interfaceJames Morris2007-10-171-24/+0
* header cleaning: don't include smp_lock.h when not usedRandy Dunlap2007-05-081-1/+0
* Remove obsolete #include <linux/config.h>Jörn Engel2006-06-301-1/+0
* kbuild: un-stringnify KBUILD_MODNAMESam Ravnborg2006-01-061-4/+2
* Linux-2.6.12-rc2v2.6.12-rc2Linus Torvalds2005-04-161-0/+104