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* ipc: make shm_get_stat() more robustTony Battersby2009-04-021-2/+4
* Merge branch 'master' into nextJames Morris2009-03-241-3/+5
| * Do not account for the address space used by hugetlbfs using VM_ACCOUNTMel Gorman2009-02-101-3/+5
* | Merge branch 'master' into nextJames Morris2009-02-061-19/+28
| * shm: fix shmctl(SHM_INFO) lockup with !CONFIG_SHMEMTony Battersby2009-02-051-0/+4
| * Stop playing silly games with the VM_ACCOUNT flagLinus Torvalds2009-01-311-2/+2
| * [CVE-2009-0029] System call wrappers part 25Heiko Carstens2009-01-141-4/+4
| * NOMMU: Make VMAs per MM as for MMU-mode linuxDavid Howells2009-01-081-0/+12
| * ipc: clean up ipc/shm.cWANG Cong2009-01-061-10/+5
| * sanitize audit_ipc_obj()Al Viro2009-01-041-3/+1
* | Integrity: IMA file free imbalanceMimi Zohar2009-02-061-0/+3
* CRED: Wrap current->cred and a few other accessorsDavid Howells2008-11-141-2/+2
* CRED: Separate task security context from task_structDavid Howells2008-11-141-2/+2
* CRED: Wrap task credential accesses in the SYSV IPC subsystemDavid Howells2008-11-141-2/+3
* [PATCH] introduce fmode_t, do annotationsAl Viro2008-10-211-1/+1
* SHM_LOCKED pages are unevictableLee Schermerhorn2008-10-201-0/+4
* ipc: get rid of ipc_lock_down()Nadia Derbey2008-07-251-18/+3
* hugetlb: modular state for hugetlb page sizeAndi Kleen2008-07-241-1/+2
* /proc/sysvipc/shm: fix 32-bit truncation of segment sizesPaul Menage2008-06-121-8/+8
* shm: Remove silly double assignmentNeil Horman2008-06-101-2/+0
* IPC: consolidate all xxxctl_down() functionsPierre Peiffer2008-04-291-38/+4
* IPC: introduce ipc_update_perm()Pierre Peiffer2008-04-291-4/+1
* IPC: get rid of the use *_setbuf structure.Pierre Peiffer2008-04-291-27/+14
* IPC/shared memory: introduce shmctl_downPierre Peiffer2008-04-291-88/+72
* IPC: use ipc_buildid() directly from ipc_addid()Pierre Peiffer2008-04-291-9/+1
* mempolicy: rework mempolicy Reference Counting [yet again]Lee Schermerhorn2008-04-281-3/+2
* mempolicy: fixup Fallback for Default Shmem PolicyLee Schermerhorn2008-04-281-2/+1
* mempolicy: fix reference counting bugsLee Schermerhorn2008-03-101-2/+3
* IPC: consolidate sem_exit_ns(), msg_exit_ns() and shm_exit_ns()Pierre Peiffer2008-02-081-21/+6
* IPC: make struct ipc_ids static in ipc_namespacePierre Peiffer2008-02-081-22/+4
* namespaces: move the IPC namespace under IPC_NS optionPavel Emelyanov2008-02-081-0/+3
* IPC: fix error check in all new xxx_lock() and xxx_exit_ns() functionsPierre Peiffer2008-02-061-3/+17
* IPC: fix error case when idr-cache is empty in ipcget()Pierre Peiffer2007-10-191-2/+3
* ipc: remove unneeded parametersNadia Derbey2007-10-191-3/+2
* fix idr_find() lockingNadia Derbey2007-10-191-26/+51
* ipc: fix wrong commentsNadia Derbey2007-10-191-13/+26
* Storing ipcs into IDRsNadia Derbey2007-10-191-6/+17
* ipc: integrate ipc_checkid() into ipc_lock()Nadia Derbey2007-10-191-42/+48
* ipc: remove the ipc_get() routineNadia Derbey2007-10-191-3/+13
* ipc: unify the syscalls codeNadia Derbey2007-10-191-46/+27
* ipc: store ipcs into IDRsNadia Derbey2007-10-191-47/+69
* pid namespaces: changes to show virtual ids to userPavel Emelyanov2007-10-191-3/+3
* r/o bind mounts: filesystem helpers for custom 'struct file'sDave Hansen2007-10-171-8/+5
* ipc/shm.c: make 2 functions staticAdrian Bunk2007-10-171-2/+3
* Fix user struct leakage with locked IPC shem segmentPavel Emelianov2007-07-311-1/+1
* NOMMU: Fix SYSV IPC SHMDavid Howells2007-07-311-0/+2
* mm: fault feedback #1Nick Piggin2007-07-191-3/+2
* mm: merge populate and nopage into fault (fixes nonlinear)Nick Piggin2007-07-191-4/+5
* remove CONFIG_UTS_NS and CONFIG_IPC_NSCedric Le Goater2007-07-161-3/+1
* shm: fix the filename of hugetlb sysv shared memoryEric W. Biederman2007-06-161-3/+3