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* [PATCH] i386: Convert some functions to __init to avoid MODPOST warningsVivek Goyal2007-01-111-1/+1
* [PATCH] fix linux banner format stringRoman Zippel2007-01-101-8/+0
* [PATCH] start_kernel: test if irq's got enabled early, barf, and disable them...Ard van Breemen2007-01-051-0/+5
* Driver core: proper prototype for drivers/base/init.c:driver_init()Adrian Bunk2006-12-201-1/+1
* Make sure we populate the initroot filesystem late enoughLinus Torvalds2006-12-111-7/+0
* Make SLES9 "get_kernel_version" work on the kernel binary againLinus Torvalds2006-12-111-1/+7
* [PATCH] add child reaper to pid_namespaceSukadev Bhattiprolu2006-12-081-3/+2
* [PATCH] Fix linux banner utsname informationHerbert Poetzl2006-12-081-1/+3
* Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://one.firstfloor.org/home/andi/git/linux-2.6Linus Torvalds2006-12-071-0/+1
| * [PATCH] i386: cpu_detect extractionRusty Russell2006-12-071-0/+1
* | [PATCH] gcc-4.1.0 is bustAndrew Morton2006-12-071-0/+4
* [PATCH] x86-64: Speed up dwarf2 unwinderJan Beulich2006-10-211-0/+1
* [PATCH] replace cad_pid by a struct pidCedric Le Goater2006-10-021-0/+2
* [PATCH] introduce kernel_execveArnd Bergmann2006-10-021-3/+1
* [PATCH] kdump: introduce "reset_devices" command line optionVivek Goyal2006-09-271-0/+20
* [PATCH] Move unwind_init earlierAndi Kleen2006-09-261-1/+1
* [PATCH] Allow early_param and identical __setup to existRusty Russell2006-09-261-4/+8
* [PATCH] per-task-delay-accounting: taskstats interfaceShailabh Nagar2006-07-141-0/+2
* [PATCH] per-task-delay-accounting: setupShailabh Nagar2006-07-141-0/+2
* [PATCH] lockdep: annotate genirqIngo Molnar2006-07-031-0/+1
* [PATCH] lockdep: coreIngo Molnar2006-07-031-0/+14
* [PATCH] lockdep: better lock debuggingIngo Molnar2006-07-031-0/+8
* [PATCH] lockdep: console_init after local_irq_enable()Heiko Carstens2006-07-031-4/+4
* [PATCH] time initialisation fixjohn stultz2006-07-031-1/+3
* Merge git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/bunk/trivialLinus Torvalds2006-06-301-1/+0
| * Remove obsolete #include <linux/config.h>Jörn Engel2006-06-301-1/+0
* | [PATCH] add smp_setup_processor_id()Andrew Morton2006-06-301-0/+7
* Merge git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/gregkh/devfs-2.6Linus Torvalds2006-06-291-1/+0
| * [PATCH] devfs: Remove the devfs_fs_kernel.h file from the treeGreg Kroah-Hartman2006-06-261-1/+0
* | [PATCH] fs/buffer.c: cleanupsAdrian Bunk2006-06-271-1/+1
* Merge branch 'x86-64'Linus Torvalds2006-06-261-0/+2
| * [PATCH] x86_64: reliable stack trace supportJan Beulich2006-06-261-0/+2
* | [PATCH] Time: Use clocksource infrastructure for update_wall_timejohn stultz2006-06-261-0/+1
* [PATCH] silence initcall warningsAndrew Morton2006-05-011-1/+1
* [PATCH] for_each_possible_cpu: fixes for generic partKAMEZAWA Hiroyuki2006-03-281-1/+1
* [PATCH] remove fixup_cpu_present_map()Andrew Morton2006-03-261-19/+0
* [PATCH] add a proper prototype for setup_arch()Adrian Bunk2006-03-251-2/+0
* [PATCH] initcall failure reportingAndrew Morton2006-03-251-7/+15
* [PATCH] __GENERIC_PER_CPU changesEric Dumazet2006-03-231-6/+2
* [PATCH] Only allocate percpu data for possible CPUsEric Dumazet2006-03-231-3/+8
* [PATCH] Register the boot-cpu in the cpu maps earlierStas Sergeev2006-03-231-6/+11
* [PATCH] remove bogus comment from init/main.cHeiko Carstens2006-02-101-1/+0
* [PATCH] abandon gcc 295x main.c tidyCoywolf Qi Hunt2006-01-141-9/+7
* [PATCH] hrtimer: hrtimer core codeThomas Gleixner2006-01-101-0/+1
* [PATCH] Abandon gcc-2.95.xAndrew Morton2006-01-081-6/+1
* [PATCH] cpuset: remove test for null cpuset from alloc code pathPaul Jackson2006-01-081-0/+1
* [PATCH] x86/x86_64: mark rodata section read only: generic infrastructureArjan van de Ven2006-01-061-0/+5
* [NET]: Small cleanup to socket initializationAndi Kleen2006-01-031-4/+0
* [PATCH] sched: disable preempt in idle tasksNick Piggin2005-11-091-1/+3
* [PATCH] Add rdinit parameter to pick early userspace initOlof Johansson2005-09-071-4/+27