path: root/init/do_mounts_rd.c
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* identify_ramdisk_image(): correct typo about return value in commentGeert Uytterhoeven2008-10-161-1/+1
* inflate: refactor inflate malloc codeThomas Petazzoni2008-07-251-23/+2
* init/: delete hard-coded setting and testing of BUILD_CRAMDISKRobert P. J. Day2008-07-251-12/+0
* init: fix integer as NULL pointer warningsHarvey Harrison2008-04-281-1/+1
* sparse pointer use of zero as nullStephen Hemminger2007-10-181-3/+3
* [PATCH] devfs: Remove devfs from the init codeGreg Kroah-Hartman2006-06-261-2/+2
* [PATCH] s390: cleanup KconfigMartin Schwidefsky2006-01-061-2/+2
* Linux-2.6.12-rc2v2.6.12-rc2Linus Torvalds2005-04-161-0/+429