path: root/include/xen/interface
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* xen: clean up asm/xen/hypervisor.hJeremy Fitzhardinge2008-12-161-0/+2
* xen64: define asm/xen/interface for 64-bitJeremy Fitzhardinge2008-07-161-3/+3
* xen: implement ptep_modify_prot_start/commitJeremy Fitzhardinge2008-06-252-2/+10
* Merge commit 'v2.6.26-rc8' into x86/xenIngo Molnar2008-06-251-4/+3
| * x86: Make xen use the paravirt clocksource structs and functionsGerd Hoffmann2008-06-241-4/+3
* | xen: add new Xen elfnote types and use them appropriatelyJeremy Fitzhardinge2008-06-021-0/+20
* | xen: add missing definitions in include/xen/interface/memory.h which ia64/xen...Isaku Yamahata2008-05-271-4/+8
* | xen pvfb: Dynamic mode support (screen resizing)Markus Armbruster2008-05-271-5/+24
* | xen pvfb: Pointer z-axis (mouse wheel) supportMarkus Armbruster2008-05-271-0/+2
* xen: add balloon driverJeremy Fitzhardinge2008-04-241-8/+4
* xen pvfb: Para-virtual framebuffer, keyboard and pointer driverMarkus Armbruster2008-04-242-0/+238
* xen: Make xen-blkfront write its protocol ABI to xenstoreMarkus Armbruster2008-04-241-0/+21
* xen: import arch generic part of xencommIsaku Yamahata2008-04-241-0/+41
* xen: add missing definitions in include/xen/interface/vcpu.h which ia64/xen n...Isaku Yamahata2008-04-241-0/+5
* xen: add missing definitions for xen grant table which ia64/xen needsIsaku Yamahata2008-04-241-3/+8
* xen: definitions which ia64/xen needsIsaku Yamahata2008-04-241-1/+11
* xen: definisions which ia64 needsIsaku Yamahata2008-04-241-0/+10
* xen: add support for callbackops hypercallJeremy Fitzhardinge2008-04-241-0/+102
* xen: fix incorrect vcpu_register_vcpu_info hypercall argumentJeremy Fitzhardinge2007-10-161-2/+3
* xen: Place vcpu_info structure into per-cpu memoryJeremy Fitzhardinge2007-07-181-0/+13
* xen: Add grant table supportJeremy Fitzhardinge2007-07-181-10/+84
* xen: Add Xen interface header filesJeremy Fitzhardinge2007-07-1816-0/+2366