path: root/include/linux/nfs_xdr.h
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* NFS: Ensure we return the dirent->d_type when it is knownTrond Myklebust2010-11-221-0/+1
* NFSv4.1: pnfs: add LAYOUTGET and GETDEVICEINFO infrastructureAndy Adamson2010-10-241-0/+49
* NFS: ask for layouttypes during v4 fsinfo callAndy Adamson2010-10-241-0/+1
* Revalidate caches on lockRicardo Labiaga2010-10-241-0/+1
* NFS: Readdir plus in v4Bryan Schumaker2010-10-231-1/+2
* NFS: readdir with vmapped pagesBryan Schumaker2010-10-231-1/+1
* NFS: decode_dirent should use an xdr_streamBryan Schumaker2010-10-231-1/+1
* NFSv4.1: keep seq_res.sr_slot as pointer rather than an indexBenny Halevy2010-09-241-1/+1
* nfs: make sillyrename an async operationJeff Layton2010-09-171-0/+2
* nfs: standardize the rename response containerJeff Layton2010-09-171-14/+9
* nfs: standardize the rename args containerJeff Layton2010-09-171-27/+12
* NFS: Add an 'open_context' element to struct nfs_rpc_opsTrond Myklebust2010-09-171-0/+4
* NFS: Clean up nfs4_proc_create()Trond Myklebust2010-09-171-1/+1
* NFSv4: Add support for the RELEASE_LOCKOWNER operationTrond Myklebust2010-07-301-0/+4
* NFSv4: Ensure that we track the NFSv4 lock state in read/write requests.Trond Myklebust2010-07-301-0/+2
* NFSv41: Clean up exclusive createTrond Myklebust2010-06-221-2/+4
* NFSv4: Clean up the NFSv4 setclientid operationTrond Myklebust2010-05-141-0/+5
* NFS: Reduce stack footprint of nfs_proc_remove()Trond Myklebust2010-05-141-1/+1
* Merge branch 'for-2.6.33' of git://linux-nfs.org/~bfields/linuxLinus Torvalds2009-12-161-0/+1
| * nfsd: Fix independence of a few nfsd related headersBoaz Harrosh2009-12-141-0/+1
* | nfs41: RECLAIM_COMPLETE XDR functionalityRicardo Labiaga2009-12-051-0/+10
* | nfs41: check SEQUENCE status flagAlexandros Batsakis2009-12-051-0/+1
* | NFS: reorder nfs4_sequence_regs to remove 8 bytes of padding on 64 bitsRichard Kennedy2009-12-031-1/+1
* nfs41: create_session operationAndy Adamson2009-06-171-0/+12
* nfs41: get_lease_timeAndy Adamson2009-06-171-0/+9
* nfs41: exchange_id operationBenny Halevy2009-06-171-0/+40
* nfs41: setup_sequence methodAndy Adamson2009-06-171-0/+4
* nfs41: set up seq_res.sr_slotidAndy Adamson2009-06-171-0/+1
* nfs41: nfs41: pass *session in seq_args and seq_resBenny Halevy2009-06-171-2/+2
* nfs41: use nfs4_fs_locations_resBenny Halevy2009-06-171-0/+5
* nfs41: use nfs4_setaclresBenny Halevy2009-06-171-0/+4
* nfs41: use nfs4_getaclresBenny Halevy2009-06-171-0/+5
* nfs41: use nfs4_pathconf_resBenny Halevy2009-06-171-0/+5
* nfs41: use nfs4_fsinfo_resBenny Halevy2009-06-171-0/+5
* nfs41: use nfs4_statfs_resBenny Halevy2009-06-171-0/+5
* nfs41: use nfs4_readlink_resBenny Halevy2009-06-171-0/+4
* nfs41: use nfs4_server_caps_argBenny Halevy2009-06-171-0/+5
* nfs41: sessions client infrastructureAndy Adamson2009-06-171-0/+15
* nfs41: client xdr definitionsBenny Halevy2009-06-171-0/+52
* Merge branch 'devel' into for-linusTrond Myklebust2009-04-011-13/+46
| * NFS: Optimise NFS close()Trond Myklebust2009-03-191-0/+1
| * NFS: Fix the type of struct nfs_fattr->modeTrond Myklebust2009-03-111-2/+1
| * NFS: Shrink the struct nfs_fattrTrond Myklebust2009-03-111-4/+3
| * NFSv4: Support NFSv4 optional attributes in the struct nfs_fattrTrond Myklebust2009-03-111-7/+41
* | constify dentry_operations: NFSAl Viro2009-03-271-1/+1
* NFSv3: Fix posix ACL codeTrond Myklebust2009-03-101-0/+2
* NFSv4: Convert the open and close ops to use fmodeTrond Myklebust2008-12-231-1/+2
* NFSv4: Convert delegation->type field to fmode_tTrond Myklebust2008-12-231-2/+2
* NFS: Fix the resolution problem with nfs_inode_attrs_need_update()Trond Myklebust2008-10-141-0/+1
* NFS: Save padding bytes in struct nfs4_setclientidTrond Myklebust2008-10-081-1/+1