path: root/include/linux/cpu.h
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* workqueue: reimplement CPU hotplugging support using trusteeTejun Heo2010-06-291-0/+2
* sched: adjust when cpu_active and cpuset configurations are updated during cp...Tejun Heo2010-06-081-0/+16
* sched: define and use CPU_PRI_* enums for cpu notifier prioritiesTejun Heo2010-06-081-0/+9
* powerpc/pseries: Serialize cpu hotplug operations during deactivate Vs deallo...Gautham R Shenoy2009-12-091-0/+13
* sysfs/cpu: Add probe/release filesNathan Fontenot2009-12-091-0/+2
* cpu hotplug: Introduce cpu_notifier() to handle !HOTPLUG_CPU casePaul E. McKenney2009-08-151-5/+12
* mm/init: cpu_hotplug_init() must be initialized before SLABLinus Torvalds2009-06-221-5/+0
* cpu hotplug: remove unused cpuhotplug_mutex_lock()Lai Jiangshan2009-04-021-16/+0
* kernel/cpu.c: create a CPU_STARTING cpu_chain notifierManfred Spraul2008-09-081-0/+1
* workqueues: make get_online_cpus() useable for work->func()Oleg Nesterov2008-07-251-4/+11
* cpu: fix section mismatch warnings in hotcpu_registerSam Ravnborg2008-04-291-1/+1
* include: Remove unnecessary inclusions of asm/semaphore.hMatthew Wilcox2008-04-181-1/+0
* cpu-hotplug: fix build on !CONFIG_SMPIngo Molnar2008-01-251-1/+7
* cpu-hotplug: replace lock_cpu_hotplug() with get_online_cpus()Gautham R Shenoy2008-01-251-4/+4
* cpu-hotplug: refcount based cpu hotplugGautham R Shenoy2008-01-251-0/+3
* CPU hotplug: fix cpu_is_offline() on !CONFIG_HOTPLUG_CPUIngo Molnar2008-01-061-4/+0
* Redefine {un}register_hotcpu_notifier() !HOTPLUG_CPU stubsSatyam Sharma2007-10-181-2/+3
* PM: Fix dependencies of CONFIG_SUSPEND and CONFIG_HIBERNATIONRafael J. Wysocki2007-08-311-3/+3
* sched: make global code staticAdrian Bunk2007-08-121-2/+0
* remove unused lock_cpu_hotplug_interruptible definitionNathan Lynch2007-07-161-1/+0
* <linux/sysdev.h> needs to include <linux/module.h>Ralf Baechle2007-05-081-0/+3
* [PATCH] Fix microcode-related suspend problemRafael J. Wysocki2007-04-021-0/+4
* [PATCH] hotplug: Allow modules to use the cpu hotplug notifiers even if !CONF...Avi Kivity2007-02-121-1/+11
* Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://one.firstfloor.org/home/andi/git/linux-2.6Linus Torvalds2006-12-071-1/+1
| * [PATCH] i386: change the 'no_control' field to 'hotpluggable' in the struct cpuSiddha, Suresh B2006-12-071-1/+1
* | [PATCH] Handle per-subsystem mutexes for CONFIG_HOTPLUG_CPU not setGautham R Shenoy2006-12-071-2/+21
* | [PATCH] hotplug CPU: clean up hotcpu_notifier() useIngo Molnar2006-12-071-3/+3
* [POWERPC] sysfs: add support for adding/removing spu sysfs attributesChristian Krafft2006-10-251-0/+8
* [PATCH] Disable CPU hotplug during suspendRafael J. Wysocki2006-09-261-0/+8
* cpu hotplug: simplify and hopefully fix lockingLinus Torvalds2006-07-231-6/+0
* [PATCH] hotcpu_notifier-fixesAndrew Morton2006-07-011-3/+3
* [PATCH] cpu hotplug: add hotplug versions of cpu_notifierChandra Seetharaman2006-06-271-0/+4
* [PATCH] cpu hotplug: make [un]register_cpu_notifier init time onlyChandra Seetharaman2006-06-271-0/+6
* [PATCH] node hotplug: register cpu: remove node structKAMEZAWA Hiroyuki2006-06-271-2/+2
* [PATCH] Check if cpu can be onlined before calling smp_prepare_cpu()Ashok Raj2006-03-251-1/+0
* [PATCH] get_cpu_sysdev() signedness fixAndrew Morton2006-03-201-1/+1
* [PATCH] clean up lock_cpu_hotplug() in cpufreqAshok Raj2005-11-281-4/+3
* [PATCH] cpu hotplug: fix locking in cpufreq driversAshok Raj2005-11-091-0/+5
* [PATCH] introduce get_cpu_sysdev() to retrieve a sysfs entry for a cpu.Ashok Raj2005-10-301-0/+1
* [PATCH] remove driverfs references from include/linux/cpu.h and net/sunrpc/rp...Rolf Eike Beer2005-09-021-1/+1
* [PATCH] make smp_prepare_cpu to a weak functionAshok Raj2005-06-251-0/+1
* Linux-2.6.12-rc2v2.6.12-rc2Linus Torvalds2005-04-161-0/+83