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* sh: migrate to arch/sh/include/Paul Mundt2008-07-29249-16382/+0
* sh: Fix up unaligned current_text_addr().Paul Mundt2008-07-291-1/+1
* sh: Add SuperH Mobile CEU platform data for Migo-RMagnus Damm2008-07-281-0/+5
* sh: Add SuperH Mobile LCDC platform data for Migo-RMagnus Damm2008-07-281-0/+6
* sh: Move asid_cache() out of ifdef to fix SH-3/4 nommu build.Paul Mundt2008-07-281-1/+2
* sh: Workaround for __put_user_asm() bug with gcc 4.x on big-endian.Yoshinori Sato2008-07-281-1/+2
* sh: Wire up new syscalls.Paul Mundt2008-07-282-2/+14
* sh: Use clk_always_enable() on sh7343 / SE77343Magnus Damm2008-07-281-4/+0
* sh: Use clk_always_enable() on sh7722 / Migo-R / SE7722Magnus Damm2008-07-282-8/+0
* sh: Introduce clk_always_enable() functionMagnus Damm2008-07-281-0/+17
* sh: Add SuperH Mobile MSTPCR bits to clock frameworkMagnus Damm2008-07-281-0/+3
* sh: Add arch_flags to struct clkMagnus Damm2008-07-281-0/+1
* sh: Renesas R0P7785LC0011RL board supportYoshihiro Shimoda2008-07-281-0/+55
* sh: Add memory chunks to SH-Mobile UIO devicesMagnus Damm2008-07-281-0/+5
* sh: update Solution Engine 7343Yoshihiro Shimoda2008-07-281-13/+84
* sh: update sh7343 codeYoshihiro Shimoda2008-07-281-0/+1
* sh: add interrupt ack code to sh4aYoshihiro Shimoda2008-07-281-2/+2
* sh: Optimized flush_icache_range() implementation.Chris Smith2008-07-281-1/+0
* sh: Stub in silicon cut in CPU info.Stuart Menefy2008-07-281-0/+1
* sh: Clean up code of Solution Engine 770xNobuhiro Iwamatsu2008-07-281-0/+2
* sh: Solution Enginge 7710/7712 SH-Ether supportNobuhiro Iwamatsu2008-07-281-0/+15
* sh/kernel/ cleanupsAdrian Bunk2008-07-283-12/+0
* sh: Renesas Solutions SH7763RDP board supportNobuhiro Iwamatsu2008-07-281-0/+54
* sh: Initial consolidation of the _32/_64 uaccess split.Paul Mundt2008-07-283-416/+270
* sh: Consolidate addr/access_ok across mmu/nommu on 32bit.Paul Mundt2008-07-281-36/+3
* sh: Use the common segment definitions for the _64 uaccess routines.Paul Mundt2008-07-281-19/+0
* sh: Add support for 16kB PAGE_SIZE.Paul Mundt2008-07-283-1/+7
* sh: Consolidate segment modifiers across mmu/nommu systems.Paul Mundt2008-07-285-39/+33
* sh: Initial ELF FDPIC support.Paul Mundt2008-07-283-1/+61
* sh: Prevent leaking of CONFIG_SUPERH32 to userspace in asm/unistd.h.Khem Raj2008-07-281-3/+11
* [PATCH] kill altrootAl Viro2008-07-261-17/+0
* dma-mapping: add the device argument to dma_mapping_error()FUJITA Tomonori2008-07-261-1/+1
* Merge git://git.infradead.org/~dwmw2/random-2.6Linus Torvalds2008-07-251-6/+0
| * remove dummy asm/kvm.h filesAdrian Bunk2008-07-251-6/+0
* | include/asm/ptrace.h userspace headers cleanupAdrian Bunk2008-07-251-1/+1
* | clean up duplicated alloc/free_thread_infoFUJITA Tomonori2008-07-251-0/+2
* Merge git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/bart/ide-2.6Linus Torvalds2008-07-241-21/+0
| * ide: remove <asm/ide.h> for some archsBartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz2008-07-241-21/+0
* | Merge branch 'semaphore' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/wil...Linus Torvalds2008-07-241-1/+0
|\ \
| * | Remove asm/semaphore.hMatthew Wilcox2008-07-241-1/+0
| |/
* | video: sh7760fb: SH7760/SH7763 LCDC framebuffer driverNobuhiro Iwamatsu2008-07-241-0/+197
* | fbdev: SuperH Mobile LCDC DriverMagnus Damm2008-07-241-0/+66
* | PAGE_ALIGN(): correctly handle 64-bit values on 32-bit architecturesAndrea Righi2008-07-241-3/+0
* | hugetlb: modular state for hugetlb page sizeAndi Kleen2008-07-241-1/+2
* | mm: remove double indirection on tlb parameter to free_pgd_range() & CoJan Beulich2008-07-241-1/+1
* sh: convert to generic helpers for IPI function callsJens Axboe2008-06-261-10/+4
* sh: fix miscompilation of ip_fast_csum with gcc >= 4.3Paul Mundt2008-06-021-1/+1
* sh: use the common ascii hex helpersHarvey Harrison2008-05-161-14/+0
* sh: Fix DMAC base address for SH7709SSteve Glendinning2008-05-091-5/+5
* sh: Stub in cpu_to_node() and friends for NUMA build.Paul Mundt2008-05-081-0/+11