path: root/fs/binfmt_elf_fdpic.c
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* binfmt_elf_fdpic: Fix clear_user() error handlingTakuya Yoshikawa2010-06-011-15/+11
* Remove redundant check for CONFIG_MMUChristoph Egger2010-04-271-7/+0
* FDPIC: For-loop in elf_core_vma_data_size() is incorrectDavid Howells2010-03-241-1/+1
* Merge branch 'for-next' into for-linusJiri Kosina2010-03-081-1/+1
| * tree-wide: Assorted spelling fixesDaniel Mack2010-02-091-1/+1
* | coredump: pass mm->flags as a coredump parameter for consistencyMasami Hiramatsu2010-03-061-11/+3
* | elf coredump: add extended numbering supportDaisuke HATAYAMA2010-03-061-2/+61
* | elf coredump: make offset calculation process and writing process explicitDaisuke HATAYAMA2010-03-061-13/+16
* | elf coredump: replace ELF_CORE_EXTRA_* macros by functionsDaisuke HATAYAMA2010-03-061-9/+5
* | coredump: move dump_write() and dump_seek() into a header fileDaisuke HATAYAMA2010-03-061-39/+15
* | coredump: unify dump_seek() implementations for each binfmt_*.cDaisuke HATAYAMA2010-03-061-21/+38
* Split 'flush_old_exec' into two functionsLinus Torvalds2010-01-291-0/+3
* FDPIC: Respect PT_GNU_STACK exec protection markings when creating NOMMU stackMike Frysinger2010-01-061-2/+11
* binfmt_elf_fdpic: Fix build breakage introduced by coredump changes.Daisuke HATAYAMA2010-01-041-2/+2
* mm: introduce coredump parameter structureMasami Hiramatsu2009-12-171-14/+15
* elf: kill USE_ELF_CORE_DUMPChristoph Hellwig2009-12-161-4/+4
* nommu: fix malloc performance by adding uninitialized flagJie Zhang2009-12-151-1/+2
* fdpic: ignore the loader's PT_GNU_STACK when calculating the stack sizeDavid Howells2009-09-241-7/+10
* mm: add get_dump_pageHugh Dickins2009-09-221-37/+19
* elf_core_dump: use rcu_read_lock() to access ->real_parentOleg Nesterov2009-06-181-2/+6
* ptrace: s/parent/real_parent/ in binfmt_elf_fdpic.cOleg Nesterov2009-05-021-2/+2
* bin_elf_fdpic: check the return value of clear_userMike Frysinger2009-04-021-8/+17
* FDPIC: Don't attempt to expand the userspace stack to fill the space allocatedDavid Howells2009-01-081-8/+0
* NOMMU: Make VMAs per MM as for MMU-mode linuxDavid Howells2009-01-081-24/+3
* CRED: Make execve() take advantage of copy-on-write credentialsDavid Howells2008-11-141-1/+1
* CRED: Use RCU to access another task's creds and to release a task's own credsDavid Howells2008-11-141-2/+6
* CRED: Wrap current->cred and a few other accessorsDavid Howells2008-11-141-4/+5
* CRED: Separate task security context from task_structDavid Howells2008-11-141-6/+6
* CRED: Wrap task credential accesses in the filesystem subsystemDavid Howells2008-11-141-4/+4
* binfmt_elf_fdpic: Update for cputime changes.Paul Mundt2008-10-201-12/+7
* binfmt_elf_fdpic: wire up AT_EXECFD, AT_EXECFN, AT_SECUREPaul Mundt2008-10-161-1/+13
* binfmt_elf_fdpic: convert initial stack alignment to arch_align_stack()Paul Mundt2008-10-161-17/+8
* binfmt_elf_fdpic: support auxvec base platform stringPaul Mundt2008-10-161-7/+43
* binfmt_elf_fdpic: Magical stack pointer index, for NEW_AUX_ENT compat.Paul Mundt2008-07-281-20/+25
* tracehook: execRoland McGrath2008-07-261-7/+0
* coredump: elf_fdpic_core_dump: use core_state->dumper listOleg Nesterov2008-07-251-17/+12
* coredump: elf_core_dump: skip kernel threadsOleg Nesterov2008-07-251-0/+3
* nommu: fix ksize() abusePekka Enberg2008-06-061-1/+1
* fdpic: check that the size returned by kernel_read() is what we asked forDavid Howells2008-04-291-4/+10
* pid namespaces: changes to show virtual ids to userPavel Emelyanov2007-10-191-8/+8
* pid namespaces: round up the APIPavel Emelianov2007-10-191-4/+4
* core_pattern: ignore RLIMIT_CORE if core_pattern is a pipeNeil Horman2007-10-171-3/+2
* x86: replace NT_PRXFPREG with ELF_CORE_XFPREG_TYPE #defineMark Nelson2007-10-171-4/+4
* remove ZERO_PAGENick Piggin2007-10-161-1/+1
* coredump masking: ELF-FDPIC: enable core dump filteringKawai, Hidehiro2007-07-191-17/+35
* coredump masking: ELF-FDPIC: remove an unused argumentKawai, Hidehiro2007-07-191-4/+4
* mm: variable length argument supportOllie Wild2007-07-191-4/+4
* header cleaning: don't include smp_lock.h when not usedRandy Dunlap2007-05-081-1/+0
* [PATCH] fix page leak during core dumpBrian Pomerantz2007-04-021-1/+1
* [PATCH] FDPIC: fix the /proc/pid/stat representation of executable boundariesDavid Howells2007-03-231-4/+11