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* | Staging: sxg: slicoss: Specify the license for Sahara SXG and Slicoss driversMithlesh Thukral2009-04-031-3/+30
* | Staging: sxg: Add support to download the firmware using request_firmware()Mithlesh Thukral2009-04-034-0/+7336
* | Staging: slicoss: add binary firmware to firmware directoryLior Dotan2009-04-037-0/+16738
* smc91c92_cs: use request_firmwareJaswinder Singh Rajput2009-03-303-0/+190
* 3C359: use request_firmwareJaswinder Singh Rajput2009-03-303-0/+1600
* yam: use request_firmwareJaswinder Singh Rajput2009-03-304-0/+697
* cxgb3: update FWDivy Le Ray2009-03-134-1883/+1887
* typhoon: Use request_firmware()Ben Hutchings2009-02-263-0/+2862
* tehuti: Use request_firmware()Ben Hutchings2009-02-263-0/+2695
* ti_usb_3410_5052: add Multi-Tech firmwareChris Adams2009-01-125-2/+2632
* Merge branch 'master' of master.kernel.org:/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/torvalds...David S. Miller2009-01-084-288/+17
| * fix modules_install via NFSSam Ravnborg2009-01-073-275/+4
| * make firmware/dsp56k/bootstrap.asm buildable on a56Robert Millan2009-01-061-13/+13
* | firmware: convert e100 driver to request_firmware()Jaswinder Singh Rajput2009-01-075-0/+128
* Merge git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/net-2.6Linus Torvalds2009-01-059-0/+10456
| * starfire: use request_firmware()Jaswinder Singh Rajput2009-01-044-0/+127
| * firmware: convert tg3 driver to request_firmware()Jaswinder Singh Rajput2009-01-045-0/+894
| * firmware: convert acenic driver to request_firmware()Jaswinder Singh2009-01-044-0/+9435
* | V4L/DVB (9533): cx88: Add support for TurboSight TBS8910 DVB-S PCI cardIgor M. Liplianin2008-12-291-14/+2
* cxgb3: integrate FW and protocol engines in the kernelDivy Le Ray2008-11-265-0/+2219
* cassini: use request_firmwareJaswinder Singh2008-09-223-0/+154
* Fix modules_install on RO nfs-exported trees.David Woodhouse2008-09-021-2/+14
* Fix IHEX firmware generation/loadingMarc Zyngier2008-08-021-3/+3
* Fix 'make clean' and .gitignore for firmware/ directory.David Woodhouse2008-07-162-1/+7
* Fix accidental reference to tg3 firmwareDavid Woodhouse2008-07-141-2/+0
* firmware: Correct dependency on CONFIG_EXTRA_FIRMWARE_DIRDavid Woodhouse2008-07-141-1/+1
* firmware: convert sb16_csp driver to use firmware loader exclusivelyJaswinder Singh2008-07-147-0/+506
* dsp56k: use request_firmwareJaswinder Singh2008-07-144-0/+137
* edgeport-ti: use request_firmware()Jaswinder Singh2008-07-143-0/+832
* edgeport: use request_firmware()Jaswinder Singh2008-07-146-0/+135
* vicam: use request_firmware()Jaswinder Singh2008-07-143-0/+18
* dabusb: use request_firmware()David Woodhouse2008-07-144-0/+1429
* cpia2: use request_firmware()David Woodhouse2008-07-143-0/+87
* ip2: use request_firmware()David Woodhouse2008-07-103-0/+2158
* firmware: convert Ambassador ATM driver to request_firmware()David Woodhouse2008-07-102-0/+205
* whiteheat: use request_firmware()David Woodhouse2008-07-105-0/+1837
* ti_usb_3410_5052: use request_firmware()David Woodhouse2008-07-104-0/+1740
* emi62: use request_firmware()David Woodhouse2008-07-106-0/+7027
* emi26: use request_firmware()David Woodhouse2008-07-105-0/+5804
* keyspan_pda: use request_firmware()David Woodhouse2008-07-106-0/+2502
* keyspan: use request_firmware()David Woodhouse2008-07-1014-0/+1658
* ttusb-budget: use request_firmware()David Woodhouse2008-07-103-0/+831
* kaweth: use request_firmware()David Woodhouse2008-07-106-0/+278
* smctr: use request_firmware()David Woodhouse2008-07-103-0/+491
* firmware: convert ymfpci driver to use firmware loader exclusivelyDavid Woodhouse2008-07-105-0/+1562
* firmware: convert maestro3 driver to use firmware loader exclusivelyDavid Woodhouse2008-07-104-0/+187
* firmware: convert korg1212 driver to use firmware loader exclusivelyDavid Woodhouse2008-07-103-0/+1007
* ihex: Add support for long records to ihex2fw.cDavid Woodhouse2008-07-102-19/+47
* ihex: add ihex2fw tool for converting HEX files into firmware imagesDavid Woodhouse2008-07-102-0/+261
* firmware: Add firmware installation to modules_install, add firmware_installDavid Woodhouse2008-07-101-7/+17