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* misc devices: do not enable by defaultBorislav Petkov2010-10-261-1/+0
* drivers/misc/apds9802als.c: add runtime PM supportHong Liu2010-10-261-64/+103
* drivers/misc/apds9802als.c: ALS drivers for the apds9802alsanantha2010-10-263-0/+319
* pca953x: pca953x driver fixes for x86 mrstAlek Du2010-10-261-6/+7
* drivers/misc/isl29020.c: ambient light sensorKalhan Trisal2010-10-263-0/+259
* lkdtm: prefix enum constantsNamhyung Kim2010-10-261-64/+64
* drivers/misc: driver for APDS990X ALS and proximity sensorsSamu Onkalo2010-10-263-0/+1307
* drivers/misc: driver for bh1770glc / sfh7770 ALS and proximity sensorSamu Onkalo2010-10-263-0/+1424
* ad525x_dpot: use correct rdac channel for ad5251/ad5252steven miao2010-10-261-2/+2
* drivers/misc/ad525x_dpot.c: new featuresMichael Hennerich2010-10-265-14/+123
* drivers/misc/ad525x_dpot.c: fix part name typos in definesMichael Hennerich2010-10-262-10/+10
* drivers/misc/phantom.c: add missing warning messages in phantom_probe()Rahul Ruikar2010-10-261-2/+6
* workqueues: s/ON_STACK/ONSTACK/Andrew Morton2010-10-261-1/+1
* replace nested max/min macros with {max,min}3 macroHagen Paul Pfeifer2010-10-264-6/+5
* drivers/char/hpet.c: fix information leak to userlandVasiliy Kulikov2010-10-261-2/+1
* hpet: fix style problemsJaswinder Singh Rajput2010-10-261-10/+10
* hpet: fix unwanted interrupt due to stale irq status bitClemens Ladisch2010-10-261-0/+15
* hpet: unmap unused I/O spaceJiri Slaby2010-10-261-0/+2
* mm: stack based kmap_atomic()Peter Zijlstra2010-10-265-27/+24
* mm: strictly nested kmap_atomic()Peter Zijlstra2010-10-261-2/+2
* writeback: add /sys/devices/system/node/<node>/vmstatMichael Rubin2010-10-261-0/+14
* ipmi: proper spinlock initializationEric Dumazet2010-10-261-11/+19
* drivers/misc/ad525x_dpot.c: fix typo in spi write16 and write24 transfer countsMichael Hennerich2010-10-261-2/+2
* sgi-xp: incoming XPC channel messages can come in after the channel's partiti...Robin Holt2010-10-261-0/+17
* Merge git://git.infradead.org/battery-2.6Linus Torvalds2010-10-2613-26/+1473
| * power_supply: Makefile cleanupmatt mooney2010-10-061-12/+4
| * bq27x00_battery: Add missing kfree(di->bus) in bq27x00_battery_remove()Axel Lin2010-10-061-0/+1
| * power_supply: Introduce maximum current propertyHeikki Krogerus2010-10-061-0/+1
| * power_supply: Add types for USB chargersHeikki Krogerus2010-10-061-1/+2
| * ds2782_battery: Fix unitsRyan Mallon2010-10-061-6/+6
| * power_supply: Add driver for TWL4030/TPS65950 BCI chargerGrazvydas Ignotas2010-09-303-0/+572
| * bq20z75: Add support for more power supply propertiesRhyland Klein2010-09-281-48/+156
| * wm831x_power: Add missing kfree(wm831x_power) in wm831x_power_remove()Axel Lin2010-09-281-0/+1
| * jz4740-battery: Add missing kfree(jz_battery) in jz_battery_remove()Axel Lin2010-09-281-0/+1
| * ds2760_battery: Add missing kfree(di) in ds2760_battery_remove()Axel Lin2010-09-281-0/+1
| * olpc_battery: Fix endian neutral breakage for s16 valuesRichard A. Smith2010-09-281-4/+4
| * ds2760_battery: Fix W1 and W1_SLAVE_DS2760 dependencyMartin Schwidefsky2010-09-231-2/+1
| * pcf50633-charger: Add missing sysfs_remove_group()Axel Lin2010-09-221-0/+1
| * power_supply: Add driver for TI BQ20Z75 gas gauge ICRhyland Klein2010-09-063-0/+393
| * wm831x_power: Remove duplicate chg maskIan Lartey2010-09-011-1/+0
| * power_supply: Add isp1704 charger detection driverHeikki Krogerus2010-08-193-0/+377
* | Merge branch 'linux_next' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/mc...Linus Torvalds2010-10-264-224/+313
|\ \
| * | i7core_edac: return -ENODEV when devices were already probedMauro Carvalho Chehab2010-10-241-1/+1
| * | i7core_edac: properly terminate pci_dev_tableMauro Carvalho Chehab2010-10-241-4/+5
| * | i7core_edac: Avoid PCI refcount to reach zero on successive load/reloadMauro Carvalho Chehab2010-10-241-0/+7
| * | i7core_edac: Fix refcount error at PCI devicesMauro Carvalho Chehab2010-10-241-35/+2
| * | i7core_edac: it is safe to i7core_unregister_mci() when mci=NULLMauro Carvalho Chehab2010-10-241-8/+5
| * | i7core_edac: Fix an oops at i7core probeMauro Carvalho Chehab2010-10-241-4/+4
| * | i7core_edac: Remove unused member channels in i7core_pvtHidetoshi Seto2010-10-241-2/+0
| * | i7core_edac: Remove unused arg csrow from get_dimm_configHidetoshi Seto2010-10-241-7/+7