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* sg: fix a warning in blk_rq_aligned() callNamhyung Kim2010-09-161-1/+1
* zfcp: Report scatter gather limit for DIX protection informationChristof Schmitt2010-09-101-0/+1
* block/scsi: Provide a limit on the number of integrity segmentsMartin K. Petersen2010-09-103-8/+21
* Consolidate min_not_zeroMartin K. Petersen2010-09-103-8/+0
* Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/anh...Linus Torvalds2010-08-2228-2417/+2663
| * drm/i915,intel_agp: Add support for Sandybridge D0Zhenyu Wang2010-08-213-0/+4
| * drm/i915: fix render pipe control notify on sandybridgeZhenyu Wang2010-08-211-1/+6
| * agp/intel: set 40-bit dma mask on SandybridgeZhenyu Wang2010-08-211-9/+15
| * drm/i915: Remove the conflicting BUG_ON()Chris Wilson2010-08-211-2/+0
| * drm/i915/suspend: s/IS_IRONLAKE/HAS_PCH_SPLIT/Chris Wilson2010-08-211-37/+37
| * drm/i915/suspend: Flush register writes before busy-waiting.Chris Wilson2010-08-211-9/+18
| * i915: disable DAC on Ironlake also when doing CRT load detection.Dave Airlie2010-08-211-11/+12
| * drm/i915: wait for actual vblank, not just 20msJesse Barnes2010-08-217-30/+69
| * drm/i915: make sure eDP PLL is enabled at the right timeJesse Barnes2010-08-182-39/+60
| * drm/i915: fix VGA plane disable for Ironlake+Jesse Barnes2010-08-181-28/+27
| * drm/i915: eDP mode set sequence correctionsJesse Barnes2010-08-181-9/+8
| * drm/i915: add panel reset workaroundJesse Barnes2010-08-181-1/+16
| * drm/i915: Enable RC6 on Ironlake.Zou Nan hai2010-08-091-3/+6
| * drm/i915/sdvo: Only set is_lvds if we have a valid fixed mode.Chris Wilson2010-08-091-7/+3
| * drm/i915: Set up a render context on IronlakeZou Nan hai2010-08-093-10/+55
| * drm/i915 invalidate indirect state pointers at end of ring execZou Nan hai2010-08-093-0/+17
| * drm/i915: Wake-up wait_request() from elapsed hang-check (v2)Chris Wilson2010-08-091-0/+10
| * drm/i915: Apply i830 errata for cursor alignmentChris Wilson2010-08-094-8/+14
| * drm/i915: Only update i845/i865 CURBASE when disabled (v2)Chris Wilson2010-08-092-30/+63
| * drm/i915: FBC is updated within set_base() so remove second call in mode_set()Chris Wilson2010-08-091-3/+0
| * drm/i915/edp: Flush the write before waiting for PLLsChris Wilson2010-08-091-0/+1
| * drm/i915: Ensure that while(INREG()) are bounded (v2)Chris Wilson2010-08-095-78/+48
| * drm/i915/ringbuffer: Set ring->gem_buffer = NULL on init unwindChris Wilson2010-08-091-14/+17
| * drm/i915: Update watermarks for Ironlake after dpms changesChris Wilson2010-08-091-14/+22
| * drm/i915/opregion: Use ASLE response codes defined in 0.1Chris Wilson2010-08-091-7/+3
| * drm/i915/display: Add pipe/plane information to dpms debuggingChris Wilson2010-08-091-3/+3
| * drm/i915: Truncate the shmem backing pages on purgeChris Wilson2010-08-091-2/+9
| * drm/i915: Write to display base last.Chris Wilson2010-08-091-4/+2
| * drm/i915: Enable aspect/centering panel fitting for Ironlake.Chris Wilson2010-08-097-46/+143
| * drm/i915/sdvo: Markup a few constant strings.Chris Wilson2010-08-091-2/+2
| * drm/i915: Record error batch buffers using iomemChris Wilson2010-08-091-7/+57
| * drm/i915: Maintain LRU order of inactive objects upon access by CPU (v2)Chris Wilson2010-08-091-0/+17
| * drm/i915: Implement fair lru eviction across both rings. (v2)Chris Wilson2010-08-092-133/+146
| * drm/i915: Move the eviction logic to its own file.Chris Wilson2010-08-094-229/+269
| * drm/i915: Use a common seqno for all rings.Chris Wilson2010-08-094-23/+29
| * drm/i915: prepare for fair lru evictionDaniel Vetter2010-08-091-26/+41
| * drm/i915: Append the object onto the inactive list on binding.Chris Wilson2010-08-091-7/+4
| * drm/i915: Capture the overlay status upon a GPU hang.Chris Wilson2010-08-094-2/+110
| * drm/i915: Use an uncommon name for the local dev_priv in macrosChris Wilson2010-08-091-7/+7
| * drm/i915: Inline ringbuffer_emit()Chris Wilson2010-08-092-10/+10
| * drm/i915: Move ringbuffer accounting to begin/advance.Chris Wilson2010-08-091-2/+3
| * drm/i915: Unroll wrapping of the ringbuffer.Chris Wilson2010-08-091-2/+4
| * drm/i915: Emit a backtrace if we attempt to rebind a pinned bufferChris Wilson2010-08-091-0/+4
| * drm/i915: Disable the cursor for DPMS_OFFChris Wilson2010-08-092-5/+5
| * drm/i915: i8xx also doesn't like multiple oustanding pageflipsDaniel Vetter2010-08-091-6/+8