path: root/drivers/usb/musb/musb_core.c
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* usb: musb: do not use dma for control transfersAnand Gadiyar2010-11-221-0/+3
* usb: musb: Fix handling of spurious SESSREQHeikki Krogerus2010-11-051-1/+2
* usb: musb: fix kernel oops when loading musb_hdrc module for the 2nd timeMing Lei2010-11-051-1/+0
* USB: musb: pm: don't rely fully on clock supportBob Liu2010-11-051-14/+12
* usb: musb: don't leave PHY enabled on shutdown()Grazvydas Ignotas2010-11-051-7/+6
* USB: musb: AM35x: Workaround for fifo read issueAjay Kumar Gupta2010-10-221-0/+2
* USB: MUSB: fix kernel WARNING/oops when unloading module in OTG modeSergei Shtylyov2010-10-221-4/+0
* usb: musb: ignore spurious SESSREQ interruptsHeikki Krogerus2010-10-221-0/+5
* usb: musb: Change to direct addr in context save/restoreBob Liu2010-10-221-24/+22
* USB: musb: fix compilation warning in host only modeAjay Kumar Gupta2010-08-101-4/+3
* USB: musb: fix Blackfin ulpi stubsMike Frysinger2010-06-301-2/+2
* USB: musb_core: make disconnect and suspend interrupts work againSergei Shtylyov2010-06-301-5/+1
* usb: musb: Fix a bug by making suspend interrupt available in device modeMaulik Mankad2010-06-301-1/+2
* usb: musb: add ulpi access operationsHeikki Krogerus2010-05-201-0/+86
* usb: musb: debugfs: musb_exit_debugfs() can be called on probeFelipe Balbi2010-05-201-2/+5
* usb: musb: add debugfs supportFelipe Balbi2010-05-201-0/+5
* USB: MUSB: Add OMAP4 support in MUSB driverMaulik Mankad2010-05-201-2/+4
* usb: musb: Set transceiver interface typeMaulik Mankad2010-05-201-1/+1
* usb: musb: allow board to pass down fifo modeFelipe Balbi2010-05-201-20/+16
* USB: straighten out port feature vs. port status usageAlan Stern2010-05-201-4/+3
* musb_core: fix musb_init_controller() error cleanup pathSergei Shtylyov2010-04-301-17/+34
* musb_core: don't call musb_platform_exit() twiceSergei Shtylyov2010-04-301-10/+7
* musb_core: don't prevent disabling clock on driver unloadSergei Shtylyov2010-04-301-3/+1
* musb_core: don't touch 'musb->clock' in musb_free()Sergei Shtylyov2010-04-301-5/+0
* musb: save and restore missing bus control registerAjay Kumar Gupta2010-04-301-0/+2
* usb: musb: core: declare mbase only where it's usedFelipe Balbi2010-03-191-1/+7
* usb: musb: abstract out ULPI_BUSCONTROL register reads/writesMike Frysinger2010-03-191-3/+2
* Merge git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/gregkh/usb-2.6Linus Torvalds2010-03-031-214/+348
| * USB: musb: only print info message if probe() is successfulFelipe Balbi2010-03-021-13/+12
| * USB: musb: unmap base if we can't probeFelipe Balbi2010-03-021-1/+7
| * USB: musb: we already tested for dyn_fifoFelipe Balbi2010-03-021-15/+4
| * USB: musb: get rid of omap_readl/writelFelipe Balbi2010-03-021-2/+2
| * usb: musb: Add context save and restore supportAjay Kumar Gupta2010-03-021-0/+146
| * usb: musb: Add 'extvbus' in musb_hdrc_platform_dataAjay Kumar Gupta2010-03-021-0/+8
| * usb: musb: save dynfifo in musb structAjay Kumar Gupta2010-03-021-1/+3
| * usb: musb: handle irqs in the order dictated by programming guideArnaud Mandy2010-03-021-139/+116
| * USB: musb: Add new fifo table for a OMAP3 errataAjay Kumar Gupta2010-03-021-0/+34
| * USB: musb: remove some of the never defined definesFelipe Balbi2010-03-021-24/+0
| * USB: musb: move to sysfs_groupsFelipe Balbi2010-03-021-18/+15
| * USB: musb: move two printk to dev_errFelipe Balbi2010-03-021-2/+2
| * USB: musb: use resource_size()Felipe Balbi2010-03-021-1/+1
* | omap3: Replace ARCH_OMAP34XX with ARCH_OMAP3Tony Lindgren2010-02-151-1/+1
* USB: musb: Fix array index out of bounds issueMaulik Mankad2009-12-231-1/+1
* USB: musb: do not work if no gadget driver is loadedFelipe Balbi2009-12-231-0/+8
* USB: musb: move musb_remove to __exitFelipe Balbi2009-12-231-2/+2
* const: constify remaining dev_pm_opsAlexey Dobriyan2009-12-151-1/+1
* USB: MUSB: save hardware revision at initAnand Gadiyar2009-12-111-6/+4
* USB: musb: Remove unwanted message in boot logAjay Kumar Gupta2009-11-301-2/+2
* USB: musb: fix put_device() call sequenceAjay Kumar Gupta2009-09-231-4/+4
* Merge branch 'master' into for-linusRafael J. Wysocki2009-07-301-2/+1