path: root/drivers/usb/host/ehci-hcd.c
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* usb: ehci-pci: Support Intel Medfield Platform USB OTG HostHao Wu2010-12-091-1/+1
* usb: ehci-langwell-pci: support common OTG data structure for Intel MID platformHao Wu2010-12-091-9/+7
* ehci: Support Intel Moorestown EHCI controller SRAM QH/QTD/ITD/SITD pool cachingJacob Pan2010-12-091-1/+2
* ehci: Support for Intel Moorestown MPH and OTG hostAlek Du2010-12-091-0/+19
* USB: EHCI: fix obscure race in ehci_endpoint_disableAlan Stern2010-11-161-5/+5
* USB: Add EHCI and OHCH glue for OCTEON II SOCs.David Daney2010-10-291-0/+5
* Merge branch 'for-next' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/jiko...Linus Torvalds2010-10-241-1/+0
| * Merge branch 'master' into for-nextJiri Kosina2010-08-111-5/+44
| |\
| * | drivers/usb: Remove unnecessary return's from void functionsJoe Perches2010-08-101-1/+0
* | | USB: ehci tdi : let's tdi_reset set host modeMatthieu CASTET2010-10-221-0/+15
| |/ |/|
* | USB: EHCI: add missing frame -> microframe conversionAlan Stern2010-08-101-1/+7
* | USB: EHCI: fix NULL pointer dererence in HCDs that use HCD_LOCAL_MEMAndrea Righi2010-08-101-1/+2
* | USB: convert usb_hcd bitfields into atomic flagsAlan Stern2010-08-101-1/+0
* | USB: EHCI: EHCI 1.1 addendum: Enable Per-port change detect bitsAlek Du2010-08-101-2/+17
* | USB: EHCI: EHCI 1.1 addendum: Basic LPM feature supportAlek Du2010-08-101-0/+17
* | USB: EHCI: EHCI 1.1 addendum: preparationAlek Du2010-08-101-0/+1
* usb: fix ehci_hcd build failure when both generic-OF and xilinx is selectedGrant Likely2010-06-041-3/+17
* USB: make hcd.h public (drivers dependency)Eric Lescouet2010-05-201-2/+1
* USB: EHCI: defer reclamation of siTDsAlan Stern2010-04-221-0/+1
* include cleanup: Update gfp.h and slab.h includes to prepare for breaking imp...Tejun Heo2010-03-301-1/+1
* USB: EHCI: adjust ehci_iso_stream for changes in ehci_qhClemens Ladisch2010-03-191-1/+1
* omap3: Replace ARCH_OMAP34XX with ARCH_OMAP3Tony Lindgren2010-02-151-1/+1
* USB: add missing delay during remote wakeupAlan Stern2010-01-201-2/+3
* USB: EHCI: add native scatter-gather supportAlan Stern2009-12-111-0/+2
* USB: Add EHCI support for MX27 and MX31 based boardsDaniel Mack2009-12-111-0/+5
* USB: ehci: Respect IST when scheduling new split iTDs.Sarah Sharp2009-12-111-1/+1
* USB: host: ehci: introduce omap ehci-hcd driverFelipe Balbi2009-12-111-0/+5
* USB: Add support for Xilinx USB host controllerJulie Zhu2009-12-111-0/+5
* Merge branch 'for-next' into for-linusJiri Kosina2009-12-071-1/+1
| * ehci-hcd: Fix typo in an error messageOzan Çağlayan2009-12-041-1/+1
* | USB: work around for EHCI with quirky periodic schedulesOliver Neukum2009-11-301-0/+2
* USB: ehci-dbgp,ehci: Allow early or late use of the dbgp deviceJason Wessel2009-09-231-0/+8
* USB: EHCI: change deschedule logic for interrupt QHsAlan Stern2009-09-231-22/+4
* USB: EHCI: rescan the queue after an unlinkAlan Stern2009-09-231-5/+13
* USB: EHCI: OHCI: Remove unnecessary includes of reboot.hAnand Gadiyar2009-09-231-1/+0
* USB: at91: Add USB EHCI driver for at91sam9g45 seriesNicolas Ferre2009-09-231-0/+5
* USB: EHCI: Add Intel Moorestown EHCI controller HOSTPCx extensions and suppor...Alek Du2009-09-231-0/+6
* USB: EHCI: split ehci_qh into hw and sw partsAlek Du2009-09-231-6/+8
* USB: EHCI: add need_io_watchdog flag to ehci_hcdAlek Du2009-09-231-0/+6
* USB: Add nuvoton Ehci driver for w90p910 platformWan ZongShun2009-09-231-0/+5
* USB: EHCI: fix two new bugs related to Clear-TT-BufferAlan Stern2009-08-071-1/+2
* USB: EHCI: use the new clear_tt_buffer interfaceAlan Stern2009-07-121-0/+2
* USB: EHCI: update toggle state for linked QHsAlan Stern2009-07-121-19/+16
* USB: EHCI: update toggle state for linked QHsAlan Stern2009-06-151-0/+45
* USB: EHCI: use the new usb debugfs directoryGreg Kroah-Hartman2009-06-151-1/+1
* dma-mapping: replace all DMA_64BIT_MASK macro with DMA_BIT_MASK(64)Yang Hongyang2009-04-071-1/+1
* USB: EHCI: Make timer_action out-of-lineAlan Stern2009-03-241-0/+36
* USB: EHCI: slow down ITD reuseKarsten Wiese2009-02-271-0/+2
* USB: EHCI: fix handling of dead controllersAlan Stern2008-11-131-13/+12
* USB: Fix unused label warnings in drivers/usb/host/ehci-hcd.cLinus Torvalds2008-10-201-1/+1