path: root/drivers/net/cxgb3/ael1002.c
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* cxgb3: fix linkup issueHiroshi Shimamoto2010-04-211-1/+1
* cxgb3: use request_firmware() for the EDC registers setupDivy Le Ray2009-07-081-1050/+31
* cxgb3: AEL2020 phy support updateDivy Le Ray2009-07-081-27/+75
* cxgb3: fix phy power downDivy Le Ray2009-07-081-8/+2
* cxgb3: Add Aeluros 2020 phy supportDivy Le Ray2009-05-291-65/+758
* cxgb3: Use generic XENPAK LASI register definitionsBen Hutchings2009-05-201-1/+2
* cxgb3: Use generic MDIO definitions and mdio_mii_ioctl()Ben Hutchings2009-04-291-70/+76
* drivers/net/cxgb3: fix sparse warnings: fix signednessHannes Eder2009-02-171-1/+2
* cxgb3: extend copyrights to 2008Divy Le Ray2008-10-131-1/+1
* cxgb3: Support for Aeluros 2005 PHYDivy Le Ray2008-10-081-16/+994
* cxgb3: commnonize LASI phy codeDivy Le Ray2008-10-081-38/+8
* cxgb3: simplify port type struct and usageDivy Le Ray2008-10-081-4/+12
* cxgb3: allow for PHY reset statusDivy Le Ray2008-10-081-8/+12
* cxgb3 - Fix direct XAUI supportDivy Le Ray2007-06-201-2/+8
* cxgb3 - Add dual licensingDivy Le Ray2007-02-051-7/+27
* Add support for the latest 1G/10G Chelsio adapter, T3.Divy Le Ray2007-02-051-0/+231