path: root/drivers/net/8139too.c
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* Merge branch 'master' of master.kernel.org:/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/ne...David S. Miller2010-06-111-1/+2
| * net8139: fix a race at the end of NAPIFigo.zhang2010-06-101-1/+1
| * 8139too: fix buffer overrun in rtl8139_init_boardDenis Kirjanov2010-06-071-0/+1
* | 8139too: remove unnecessary cast of ioread32()'s return valueJunchang Wang2010-05-311-4/+4
* net: trans_start cleanupsEric Dumazet2010-05-101-2/+0
* Merge branch 'master' of master.kernel.org:/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/ne...David S. Miller2010-04-211-1/+1
| * 8139too: Fix a typo in the function name.Alexander Kuznetsov2010-04-191-1/+1
* | Merge branch 'master' of master.kernel.org:/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/ne...David S. Miller2010-04-111-0/+1
| * include cleanup: Update gfp.h and slab.h includes to prepare for breaking imp...Tejun Heo2010-03-301-0/+1
* | net: convert multicast list to list_headJiri Pirko2010-04-031-3/+3
* drivers/net/8139too.c: Use (pr|netdev|netif)_<level> macro helpersJoe Perches2010-02-171-106/+81
* net: 8139too: convert to use mc helpersJiri Pirko2010-02-051-4/+3
* drivers/net/: use DEFINE_PCI_DEVICE_TABLE()Alexey Dobriyan2010-01-071-1/+1
* 8139too: make PCI device ids constantMárton Németh2010-01-071-1/+1
* drivers/net: Move && and || to end of previous lineJoe Perches2009-12-031-6/+6
* net: Use netdev_alloc_skb_ip_align()Eric Dumazet2009-10-131-2/+1
* netdev: convert bulk of drivers to netdev_tx_tStephen Hemminger2009-09-011-3/+4
* Merge branch 'master' of master.kernel.org:/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/ne...David S. Miller2009-07-161-0/+1
| * netdev: restore MTU change operationBen Hutchings2009-07-121-0/+1
* | net: use NETDEV_TX_OK instead of 0 in ndo_start_xmit() functionsPatrick McHardy2009-07-051-2/+2
* 8139*: convert printk() to pr_<foo>()Alexander Beregalov2009-05-261-67/+51
* Merge branch 'master' of master.kernel.org:/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/ne...David S. Miller2009-04-231-5/+5
| * 8139too: fix HW initial flowJianjun kong2009-04-221-5/+5
* | rtl8139: unify the struct's nameJianjun Kong2009-04-211-46/+46
* 8139too: allow to set mac address on running deviceJiri Pirko2009-03-131-1/+25
* net: Remove redundant NAPI functionsBen Hutchings2009-01-211-3/+3
* netdev: add missing set_mac_address hookStephen Hemminger2009-01-111-1/+1
* net: Remove unused netdev arg from some NAPI interfaces.Neil Horman2008-12-221-3/+3
* 8139too: use err.h macrosStephen Hemminger2008-11-241-11/+7
* netdev: add more functions to netdevice opsStephen Hemminger2008-11-201-1/+1
* 8139: convert to net_device_opsStephen Hemminger2008-11-191-11/+16
* drivers/net: Kill now superfluous ->last_rx stores.David S. Miller2008-11-031-1/+0
* net: convert print_mac to %pMJohannes Berg2008-10-271-3/+2
* 8139x: reduce message severity on driver overlapStephen Hemminger2008-10-221-3/+2
* 8139too: move wmb before TX DMA startAndreas Oberritter2008-10-081-1/+6
* 8139too: [cosmetic] fix incorrect register for flash-romMats Erik Andersson2008-09-241-1/+2
* 8139too: use netdev_alloc_skbKevin Lo2008-09-031-2/+2
* 8139too: Fall back to PIO when MMIO fails.Dave Jones2008-07-221-3/+5
* 8139too: Force usage of PIO on OQO2Dave Jones2008-07-221-0/+8
* 8139too: Make PIO/MMIO a runtime decision through a module parameter.Dave Jones2008-07-221-64/+64
* [netdrvr] kill sync_irq-before-freq_irq patternJeff Garzik2008-06-281-1/+0
* 8139too: some style cleanupsMárton Németh2008-06-281-6/+6
* 8139too: use netstats in net_device structurePaulius Zaleckas2008-05-131-27/+26
* misc drivers/net annotationsAl Viro2008-03-261-5/+5
* 8139too fix for DreamcastAdrian McMenamin2008-02-111-1/+1
* Convert files to UTF-8 and some cleanupsJan Engelhardt2007-10-191-1/+1
* [netdrvr] Stop using legacy hooks ->self_test_count, ->get_stats_countJeff Garzik2007-10-101-3/+8
* [NET]: Introduce and use print_mac() and DECLARE_MAC_BUF()Joe Perches2007-10-101-5/+3
* [NET]: Nuke SET_MODULE_OWNER macro.Ralf Baechle2007-10-101-1/+0
* [8139too]: tab-align enums and structs; remove dead codeJeff Garzik2007-10-101-175/+169