path: root/drivers/idle/mrst_s0i3.c
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* s0i3: add hooks into the PCI PM layer - not functional yets0i3-pm-testH. Peter Anvin2010-12-141-4/+88
* s0i3: avoid the "S0i3 hangfire" problem by demoting C6 to C4 if neededH. Peter Anvin2010-12-141-8/+41
* s0i3: parameterize the delays in wakeup_secondary_cpu_via_init()H. Peter Anvin2010-12-141-1/+10
* s0i3: add support for putting the secondary thread back into C6H. Peter Anvin2010-12-141-4/+30
* s0i3: set up auto clock gating during initializationH. Peter Anvin2010-12-141-0/+4
* s0i3: delay the PM_CMD write until immediately before MWAITH. Peter Anvin2010-12-141-14/+15
* s0i3: remove cpu_up/cpu_down in s0i3_poke_other_cpu()H. Peter Anvin2010-12-141-0/+2
* s0i3: add interrupt handlerH. Peter Anvin2010-12-141-30/+70
* s0i3: set the wakeup pointer, kernel_fpu_end() on S0i3 failureH. Peter Anvin2010-12-141-2/+40
* Initial S0i3 code testH. Peter Anvin2010-12-141-0/+289