path: root/drivers/gpu/drm/radeon/radeon_mode.h
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* drm/radeon/kms/atom: add proper external encoders supportAlex Deucher2010-11-181-0/+1
* drm/radeon/kms/atom: cleanup and unify DVO handlingAlex Deucher2010-11-181-1/+1
* drm/radeon/kms: properly power up/down the eDP panel as needed (v4)Alex Deucher2010-11-181-0/+2
* drm/radeon/kms: add support for clock/data path routersAlex Deucher2010-11-091-5/+12
* Merge branch 'drm-core-next' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git...Linus Torvalds2010-10-261-15/+38
| * drm, kdb, kms: Change mode_set_base_atomic() enter argument to be an enumJason Wessel2010-10-191-2/+5
| * Revert "radeon, kdb, kms: Save and restore the LUT on atomic KMS enter/exit"Jason Wessel2010-10-191-3/+0
| * Revert "drm/radeon/kms: remove some pll algo flags"Dave Airlie2010-10-191-4/+10
| * Merge branch 'drm-radeon-next' of ../drm-radeon-next into drm-core-nextDave Airlie2010-10-061-24/+30
| |\
| | * drm/radeon: Add function for display scanout position query.Mario Kleiner2010-10-061-0/+7
| | * drm/radeon/kms: rework spread spectrum handlingAlex Deucher2010-10-061-5/+15
| | * drm/radeon/kms: remove new pll algoAlex Deucher2010-10-061-9/+0
| | * drm/radeon/kms: remove some pll algo flagsAlex Deucher2010-10-061-10/+4
| | * drm/radeon: add properties to configure the width of the underscan bordersMarius Gröger2010-10-061-0/+4
| * | radeon, kdb, kms: Save and restore the LUT on atomic KMS enter/exitJason Wessel2010-10-061-0/+3
| * | drm, kdb, kms: Add an enter argument to mode_set_base_atomic() APIJason Wessel2010-10-061-2/+2
| * | drm/radeon/kms: Implement KDB debug hooks for radeon KMS.Chris Ball2010-10-061-1/+9
| |/
* / i2c: Remove unneeded inclusions of <linux/i2c-id.h>Jean Delvare2010-10-241-1/+0
* drm/radeon/kms: add connector table for Mac x800Alex Deucher2010-09-131-1/+2
* drm/radeon/kms: remove useless clock codeAlex Deucher2010-09-021-1/+0
* drm/radeon/kms: rework encoder handlingAlex Deucher2010-08-201-1/+2
* drm/radeon/kms: add support for router objectsAlex Deucher2010-08-101-0/+13
* drm/radeon/kms: unify i2c handlingAlex Deucher2010-08-101-0/+11
* drm/radeon/kms: enable underscan option for digital connectorsAlex Deucher2010-08-041-2/+16
* drm/radeon: add fake RN50 table for powerpcDave Airlie2010-07-011-0/+1
* drm/radeon/kms: hpd cleanupAlex Deucher2010-05-191-11/+11
* Merge remote branch 'anholt/drm-intel-next' into drm-nextDave Airlie2010-05-191-0/+2
| * Merge remote branch 'origin/master' into drm-intel-nextEric Anholt2010-05-101-0/+2
| |\
| | * drm/radeon/kms: fix panel scaling adjusted mode setupAlex Deucher2010-05-051-0/+2
* | | drm: move radeon_fixed.h to shared drm_fixed.h headerBen Skeggs2010-05-181-1/+1
* | | drm/fbdev: rework output polling to be back in the core. (v4)Dave Airlie2010-05-181-1/+2
|/ /
* | drm/radeon/kms: rework audio polling timerChristian König2010-04-231-0/+1
* | drm/kms/fb: add polling support for when nothing is connected.Dave Airlie2010-04-071-1/+1
* | drm/kms/fb: move to using fb helper crtc grouping instead of core crtc listDave Airlie2010-04-071-2/+2
* | drm/fb: fix fbdev object model + cleanup properly.Dave Airlie2010-04-071-5/+18
* drm/radeon/kms: use new pre/post_xfer i2c bit algo hooksAlex Deucher2010-03-311-7/+1
* drm/radeon/kms: clean HDMI definitionsRafał Miłecki2010-03-151-0/+1
* drm/radeon/kms: use lcd pll limits when availableAlex Deucher2010-03-151-0/+3
* drm/radeon/kms: update new pll algoAlex Deucher2010-02-251-1/+1
* drm/radeon/kms: add initial Evergreen support (Radeon HD 5xxx)Alex Deucher2010-02-091-1/+5
* drm/radeon/kms: rework pll algo selectionAlex Deucher2010-02-091-8/+10
* drm/radeon/kms: add support for hardcoded edids in rom (v2)Alex Deucher2010-02-091-1/+5
* drm/radeon/kms: add radeon i2c algoAlex Deucher2010-02-051-10/+15
* drm/kms/radeon: pick digitial encoders smarter. (v3)Dave Airlie2010-02-011-1/+1
* drm/radeon/kms: clean up pll structAlex Deucher2010-01-241-8/+19
* drm/radeon/kms/r4xx: cleanup atom pathAlex Deucher2010-01-211-1/+0
* drm/radeon/kms: fix typo in atom connector type handlingAlex Deucher2010-01-081-26/+0
* drm/radeon/kms: set proper default tv standardAlex Deucher2009-12-231-0/+6
* drm/radeon/kms: HDMI support for R600 KMSChristian Koenig2009-12-161-0/+3
* drm/radeon/kms/avivo: add support for new pll selection algoAlex Deucher2009-12-101-0/+9