path: root/drivers/gpu/drm/i915/intel_display.c
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* drm/i915: don't enable self-refresh on IronlakeJesse Barnes2010-09-101-2/+4
* Revert "drm/i915: Warn if we run out of FIFO space for a mode"Chris Wilson2010-09-081-7/+1
* Revert "drm/i915: Enable RC6 on Ironlake."Chris Wilson2010-09-071-6/+3
* drm/i915: Prevent double dpms onChris Wilson2010-09-071-1/+4
* drm/i915: Avoid use of uninitialised values when disabling panel-fitterChris Wilson2010-09-071-20/+15
* drm/i915: Avoid pageflipping freeze when we miss the flip prepare interruptSimon Farnsworth2010-09-071-10/+4
* drm/i915: Tightly scope intel_encoder to prevent invalid useChris Wilson2010-09-071-13/+12
* drm/i915/dp: Boost timeout for enabling transcoder to 100msChris Wilson2010-09-071-1/+1
* drm/i915: Re-use set_base_atomic to share setting of the display registersChris Wilson2010-09-071-71/+9
* drm/i915: Fix offset page-flips on i965+Chris Wilson2010-09-071-19/+48
* drm/i915: Clear the vblank status bit before polling for the next vblankChris Wilson2010-09-061-0/+16
* drm/i915: fix vblank wait test conditionJesse Barnes2010-08-241-1/+1
* Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/anh...Linus Torvalds2010-08-221-230/+289
| * drm/i915: wait for actual vblank, not just 20msJesse Barnes2010-08-211-22/+56
| * drm/i915: make sure eDP PLL is enabled at the right timeJesse Barnes2010-08-181-37/+2
| * drm/i915: fix VGA plane disable for Ironlake+Jesse Barnes2010-08-181-28/+27
| * drm/i915: Enable RC6 on Ironlake.Zou Nan hai2010-08-091-3/+6
| * drm/i915: Set up a render context on IronlakeZou Nan hai2010-08-091-10/+43
| * drm/i915: Apply i830 errata for cursor alignmentChris Wilson2010-08-091-1/+3
| * drm/i915: Only update i845/i865 CURBASE when disabled (v2)Chris Wilson2010-08-091-29/+62
| * drm/i915: FBC is updated within set_base() so remove second call in mode_set()Chris Wilson2010-08-091-3/+0
| * drm/i915/edp: Flush the write before waiting for PLLsChris Wilson2010-08-091-0/+1
| * drm/i915: Ensure that while(INREG()) are bounded (v2)Chris Wilson2010-08-091-45/+13
| * drm/i915: Update watermarks for Ironlake after dpms changesChris Wilson2010-08-091-14/+22
| * drm/i915/display: Add pipe/plane information to dpms debuggingChris Wilson2010-08-091-3/+3
| * drm/i915: Write to display base last.Chris Wilson2010-08-091-4/+2
| * drm/i915: Enable aspect/centering panel fitting for Ironlake.Chris Wilson2010-08-091-9/+7
| * drm/i915: Disable the cursor for DPMS_OFFChris Wilson2010-08-091-4/+4
| * drm/i915: i8xx also doesn't like multiple oustanding pageflipsDaniel Vetter2010-08-091-6/+8
| * drm/i915: fixup pageflip ringbuffer commands for i8xxDaniel Vetter2010-08-091-1/+7
| * drm/i915: Mark the static memory latency tables const.Chris Wilson2010-08-091-6/+8
| * drm/i915: Subclass intel_encoder.Chris Wilson2010-08-091-0/+14
| * drm/i915: Do not clobber the contents of TRANS_DP_CTL when enabling.Chris Wilson2010-08-091-3/+4
| * drm/i915: Remove useless message when disabling "Big FIFO" on PineViewChris Wilson2010-08-091-8/+3
* | Merge branch 'drm-core-next' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git...Linus Torvalds2010-08-121-9/+6
|\ \ | |/ |/|
| * drm: expand gamma_setJames Simmons2010-08-101-6/+3
| * drm: Propagate error code from fb_create()Chris Wilson2010-08-101-3/+3
* | Merge branch 'drm-core-next' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git...Linus Torvalds2010-08-051-163/+423
| * drm/i915: Clear the Ironlake dithering flags when the pipe doesn't want it.Eric Anholt2010-08-031-5/+7
| * drm/i915: Unset cursor if out-of-bounds upon mode change (v4)Chris Wilson2010-08-011-51/+93
| * drm/i915: Warn if we run out of FIFO space for a modeChris Wilson2010-08-011-1/+7
| * drm/i915: Round up the watermark entries (v3)Chris Wilson2010-08-011-24/+20
| * drm/i915: Enable panel fitting for eDPZhao Yakui2010-08-011-1/+2
| * drm/i915/pch: Set transcoder sync polarity for DP based on actual modeAdam Jackson2010-08-011-3/+6
| * drm/i915: Initialize LVDS and eDP outputs before anything elseAdam Jackson2010-08-011-5/+12
| * Merge remote branch 'origin/master' into drm-intel-nextEric Anholt2010-08-011-11/+98
| |\
| * | drm/i915: Use 128k alignment for untiled display surface on i965 (v2)Chris Wilson2010-08-011-1/+6
| * | drm/i915/pch: Cosmetic fix to FDI link trainingAdam Jackson2010-08-011-34/+24
| * | drm/i915: fix FDI frequency checkJesse Barnes2010-08-011-2/+5
| * | drm/i915: Propagate error from i915_gem_object_flush_gpu_write_domain()Chris Wilson2010-08-011-1/+3